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close and quotapath integration

In today’s world, we rely on software to help make our lives more efficient so that we can operate and grow our business. Automation plays a key role in how tools can help increase productivity and make work-life simpler and more streamlined. 

For sales teams, CRMs are the holy grail of hosting deal data and tracking daily sales activity. However, on their own, they may not give reps deeper insight into their earnings, quota attainment, and paychecks.

With QuotaPath, revenue teams can centralize team earnings and commission data in one shared source of truth. All of the information stored in your CRM is crucial to tracking and reporting on sales compensation, which is why we’ve partnered with our friends at Close to bring you our newest CRM integration.

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Automate commissions with Close

You know Close for their sleek industry-leading CRM platform used by over 5,000 organizations and their huge library of sales content and resources (100% check it out if you haven’t, there’s something in there for everyone).

With QuotaPath’s native Close integration, you can push your company’s CRM data directly into QuotaPath. Then teams can layer on insights like individual earnings, team quota attainment, pipeline forecasting, and payouts for a powerful understanding of performance.

The QuotaPath and Close integration allows you to:

  • Streamline workflows: There are a lot of stakeholders involved in commissions. This integration breaks down silos and simplifies the handoff process. With data being in one place, there are fewer errors and less manual entry.
  • Robust reporting: When it comes time to managing compensation, everything is right at your fingertips – performance analytics, deal auditing, automated commissions statements, payouts, and ASC 606 reporting.
  • Data syncing: Unlike other commission solutions, data syncs in real-time, so you always have an accurate, up-to-date view of your opportunities.

Integrating QuotaPath + Close

With this integration, you can import all of your Close opportunities in just a couple of clicks. Connect and sync plans using your organization’s Close API Key.

Choose Close “Opportunities” records

Pull in Opportunity records from Close to count towards your earnings in QuotaPath.

Map Fields

Map all the components of your comp plan to relevant fields in Close like Lead, Value, Date won, User.

Define stages or “status”

Define deal stages to see commissions on closed deals and forecast potential earnings on opportunities.

Sync opportunities

Once you’re ready, start syncing. QuotaPath will populate Close opportunities for all comp plan assignees.

Try the Close integration with QuotaPath

We’re excited to partner with Close and offer a way to automate your commissions and make work-life easier. This also means we now offer native integrations with the three industry-leading CRM software companies in the nation – Salesforce, HubSpot, and Close!

This integration works whether you’re an individual contributor looking to track your monthly earnings or a sales leader managing compensation.

If you need more flexibility, Admins can align QuotaPath members to Close users, map comp plans with Close CRM data, and calculate earnings & attainment from Close deals.

If you want to learn more, head to the Close integration page – we’re listed as a Featured integration!

The rep-configured HubSpot CRM integration is available for free. The Admin-configured HubSpot CRM integration is offered in our Plus tier.

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