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Like the scaling sales organizations we support, we too have grown. 

In fact, last year we grew our feature-set capabilities by 100 percent!

“In 2021, we listened to our users and added a massive amount of new value for our current and future customers,” said QuotaPath Founder and Head of Product Cole Evetts.

These changes occurred in stride with our evolving ideal customer profile.

In 2018, for instance, we launched to address the core issues of the compensation process for small, growing organizations with simplistic properties and requirements. We focused on the reps because there was no solution out there that enabled reps to dynamically track and forecast their commissions.  Now, we’ve expanded our product capabilities so that we can offer more to our existing customers, support larger organizations, and include all compensation stakeholders.

Product additions like new integrations, deeper insight capabilities, and greater in-app cross-collaboration have helped us level up to include teams with increasing compensation complexities. 

Despite these technical upgrades — and many more en route — our product and engineering teams remain fully committed to providing impactful and enjoyable experiences for our end-users. 

Check out the major changes below and how we continue to think about making sales compensation a better space for all.

Maintaining simplicity and managing greater complexities

We understand the importance of being able to connect the tools you use to create simple, automated workflows that you can trust. So we listened to our customers’ requests and invested in integrations.

We launched our most requested feature of 2020 early last year with our native HubSpot integration. This added another data stream for our sales customers that run their sales funnels through HubSpot’s Sales CRM, like Tribe Dynamics.

We also launched an integration with Close and improved upon our real-time data syncs so you’re always in the know with the CRM sync status indicator.

The release of Inbound API opens the doors to almost any CRM that exists to pull in deal data to QuotaPath.

Plus, our new Maxio and Outbound API allows for finance teams to build, automate, and track commissions in QuotaPath and then sync to Expense Recognition by SaaSOptics.

We also released features to support more complex compensation structures. QuotaPath’s cumulative quotas mean we can now support period-to-date attainment against monthly and quarterly cumulative quotas.

Lastly, we introduced global currency options and support over 150 currencies.

Hats off to everyone at QuotaPath who played a role here and our amazing partners!

HubSpot Cards enables HubSpot CRM and QuotaPath users to see Earnings in HubSpot

Increased insight and collaboration

We continue to focus on surfacing meaningful insights and strengthening how teams collaborate for a smoother compensation process.

In 2021, we made it possible to upload additional deal data so that you can create payout schedules according to invoice dates, contract terms, and billing periods. Our Deal table enhancements provide those insights and more for at-a-glance views.

Our HubSpot customers loved this next one. The launch of HubSpot Cards opened up the ability for users to view their earnings from QuotaPath directly in HubSpot.

On the collaboration front, Deal Flagging and Plan Verification recently went live. These two avenues enable leadership, admins, and reps to communicate in-app regarding compensation.

Deal Flagging allows for reps to ask commission questions or raise an issue with earnings and deal details. Meanwhile, Plan Verification offers the ability to distribute compensation plans and track rep acknowledgment rates within QuotaPath.

Payouts allows for teams to audit, confirm and process payouts.

Building cross-departmental alignment

We made serious advancements to establishing QuotaPath as a single source of truth for sales reps, managers, operations, and finance.

Earnings Approval aligns key stakeholders by reviewing commissions for accuracy before you freeze earnings to close the books.

With Payouts, teams can audit, confirm, and process payouts, without relying on spreadsheets. This magnifies cross-departmental alignment through surfacing clear audit trails of commission data. Reps know exactly what’s on their paycheck and the deals that comprise it. And, being able to represent complex pay schedules saves time and headache.

Additionally, to help our finance and accounting teams with their ASC-606 compliance, we launched Ledger. With Ledger, teams can create expense schedules for their revenue teams’ earnings, including complex variables like daily proration and unique schedules between deals.

More streamlined and efficient onboarding

In collaboration with our customer success team, we improved the speed and efficiency in delivering onboarding to new customers.

First, we significantly improved our sign-up flows by adding accessibility and security to the login process.

Secondly, we learned a lot about how complex comp plans can become and added Rate and Quota Manager to easily customize quotas and variable rates for reps in one plan. This provides flexibility for more scalable plan building.

We introduced Official Teams to include our new Team Manager role in QuotaPath. Now, managers can access their team’s Earning and Attainment Leaderboards to easily track performance.

We also streamlined the setup of Teams so that you can create more teams, more efficiently. 

Keeping your data safe

None of these additions matter if we can’t promise the security of our customers’ data. That’s why we earned our SOC2 Type 1 Certification. We also added two-factor authentication, improved our terms and conditions, and updated our workflows for annual contracts and billing automation. plan verification feature image comp plan sign offs
Plan Verification allows for in-app compensation plan sign-off.

Package changes

It’s nice to stop and reflect on how much we’ve grown while getting excited about everything we have on deck.

As part of our evolution to deliver great experiences as you scale, we’ve made adjustments to our pricing. Our free offering is staying put! And, we will maintain our straightforward, transparent pricing with no implementation fees.

For smaller teams, we’ve added the QuotaPath Startup Package.

“The SMB market is underserved in this category and in need of a solution,” Cole said. “For this reason, we’ll maintain a budget-friendly, easy to use, and low barrier to entry option for those organizations .”

Our QuotaPath Scale Package pricing increased by $10, following our product feature-set that surpassed 100 percent growth. This offering includes Ledger, payout scheduling, attainment leaderboards, Plan Verification, Deal Flagging, and more. 

The future is bright

We’re proud of everything that we delivered and accomplished in 2021, and we’ve got even more in store this year. Join us as we continue to support scaling revenue organizations with their sales compensation needs! 

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