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Revenue Operations (RevOps) as a role has grown in popularity. In fact, by the end of 2022, 48% of companies had adopted this role, marking an increase of 15% year-over-year, according to’s RevOps Report.

By integrating sales, marketing, and service to adopt the RevOps model, these businesses reap the benefits of increased efficiency, revenue predictability, elasticity, and resiliency. 

RevOps is a win-win for organizations, and many are starting to realize that. For instance, Gartner expects 75% of the highest-growth companies in the world to deploy the RevOps model by 2025.

This trend is causing B2B sales organizations to transition to a data-driven decision-making process using technology that unites workflow, data, and analytics. In fact, Gartner estimates that 65% of businesses will invest in RevOps technology by 2026. 

As a result, the options for RevOps-purposed technology have increased, creating a lot of noise for RevOps professionals shopping for new tools.

To help, we asked leaders from RevOps communities to share their favorite RevOps tools for optimizing the RevOps process. 

Here’s what they had to say.

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Natalie Furness, Chief Revenue Officer, RevOps Automated

Natalie Furness serves as Chief Revenue Officer at RevOps Automated, a RevOps services provider specializing in HubSpot implementations and tech stack optimization. 

Natalie’s must-haves: Grammarly and QuillBot

“Grammarly and Quillo are my main co-pilots for content creation, as sharing knowledge in RevOps is very important to me.”

On making Natalie’s job easier: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, PhantomBuster, Cognism, DealHub CPQ

“LinkedIn Sales Navigator, combined with PhantomBuster, is great for mapping people at target accounts for enrichment using a data source. For the UK market, we recommend Cognism.

HubSpot does so much that we often don’t need to look for tools, but DealHub CPQ has been a great addition to transform HubSpot into an Enterprise Level CRM.”

How to prioritize what’s next: Streamline the tech stack

“Evaluate tools regularly. Look for usage, including active accounts and feature usage. Those with low adoption or that duplicate existing tools should be reviewed. Where possible, look to consolidate as opposed to adding tools. Remember, every new tool requires integration management.”

Natalie’s favorite RevOps tools

  • Grammarly
  • QuillBot
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • PhantomBuster
  • Cognism
  • DealHub CPQ
  • HubSpot

Nicholas Gollop, Founder, RevOps On-Demand

RevOps On-Demand Founder Nicholas Gollop shared a few of his favorites below. He hopes a platform consolidating data across multiple systems that create one view to build a cohesive, complete revenue funnel analysis is coming soon. 

“Some exist, but I haven’t seen one that functions exactly as intended and can adjust to the thousands of different combinations of systems and setups out there,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas’s must-haves: Deduping and lead distribution tool, CPQ, Customer success platforms, data enrichment.

“Deduping allows me to send only things that matter to SDRs and AEs.

CPQ gives us more control over the deal desk function, approval flows, and discounting/legal policies.

Customer Success Platforms give us more clarity and visibility into usage and adoption data.”

On making Nicholas’s job easier: Deduping, CPQ, Customer Success Platforms

“Deduping reduces friction and wasted time across the teams. It also lets them know if the account is part of a larger parent structure.

CPQ helps us ensure customer pricing falls under the company’s general rules of engagement.

Customer Success Platforms provide further insights and minute segmentation of our customer base.”

How to prioritize what’s next: It’s time when current tech no longer meets our needs

“When I realize the tool is failing to meet our increasing demands and needs for adaptation. If we need to bend our policies to make the tools work, then that tool has outlived its usefulness, and we need one that adapts to us, not the other way around.”

Nicholas’s RevOps tech stack

  • Deduping
  • CPQ
  • Customer Success Platforms

Emerson McCuin, RevOps, HAAS Alert

Emerson McCuin, RevOps Manager at HAAS Alert, a collision mitigation service and digital traffic alert system, already leverages AI throughout his day but hopes to see more. 

“I’d love to see AI integrated into data cleanup. I use Insycle for data cleanup, but many of these processes rely on complicated fuzzy logic that isn’t always accurate and fails to pick up on duplicate records,” said Emerson. “For example, ABC Company in NYC vs ABC Company in New York City. I can see that they’re likely the same, but it would take me forever to go through each record. AI could be trained to look for and understand those differences.”

Emerson’s must-haves: Coefficient, ChatGPT, Google Sheets,, QuotaPath, Insycle

“Coefficient pulls data from our CRM and other sources into Google Sheets so I can create dashboards for our leadership team, do some fundamental data analysis, or port over to PowerBI if I feel like doing advanced dashboarding.

I use ChatGPT daily to help with Excel formulas, AppScript/VBA code, and light Python coding for data analysis.

Excel is more robust, but I chose Google Sheets because it’s what Coefficient imports data into. is a tool to achieve better HubSpot CRM adoption, among other things.

QuotaPath has completely changed the way we manage quotas and commissions.

Insycle helps keep our CRM data clean by deduplicating and standardizing data formats.”

On making Emerson’s job easier: Streamline and automate processes

“The nice thing about Coefficient is that I can do scheduled data pulls to keep the data up to date.

While I know how to do a bit in each of these areas, ChatGPT has allowed me to do them a lot faster, and I can do more advanced things with these tools than I could without an AI assistant.

Google Sheets makes it very easy to share dashboards with my leadership team.

With Supered I can have a customized knowledgebase right in HubSpot for our reps to use, I can enforce processes, and even do HubSpot training right in HubSpot!

Before implementing QuotaPath, reps were self-reporting quotas in a spreadsheet, which meant a scramble at the end of each quota period, verifying quotas by multiple people, and likely many errors in the process. Now, commissions are automatically calculated based on the data in our CRM.

Insycle is a powerful and somewhat complicated tool, but once it’s set up, the number of duplicates and insufficient data decreases drastically.”

How to prioritize what’s next: When the pain of a process exceeds the pain of change.

“It’s time to add or replace a tool when the pain of a current process is greater than the pain of change. That’s not always easy to determine and requires discussion with multiple stakeholders and an analysis of return on investment.”

Emerson’s RevOps tools

  • Coefficient
  • ChatGPT
  • Google Sheets
  • QuotaPath
  • Insycle

Andréa Faria, RevOps, Daloopa

Daloopa RevOps Leader Andréa Faria just wants data solutions that integrate smoothly with her CRM without duplicates or unreliable data. Is that too much to ask for? 

Andréa’s must haves: Jira Software and Jira Service Management, Python IDEs, Zapier

“Jira Software and Jira Service Management: tasks and projects management for internal and external demands.

Python automates and improves data cleaning.

Zapier enabled plug-and-play integration of CRMs and forms with our in-house platforms.”

On making Andréa’s job easier: Jira Software and Jira Service Management, Python IDEs, Zapier

“Jira gave us a full view of the team’s capacity.

Python allows us to manipulate data in a way the old systems and spreadsheets couldn’t handle.”

How to prioritize what’s next: Address new requirements or improve processes

“We start looking when our tech can no longer support new processes or if we find better solutions in the market through research or benchmarks.”

Andréa’s tech stack

  • Jira Software & Services
  • Zapier
  • Python IDEs

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Create your tech stack with RevOps tools you’ll love

Thanks to our four contributors for sharing their favorite RevOps tools, how they know when it’s time to add something new to their tech stack, and tools they wish existed.

We hope you can leverage these insights as you create or finetune your RevOps tech stack.

Schedule time with our team today to learn how QuotaPath can fit into your RevOps tech stack to automate and simplify your sales compensation management process. 

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