Pay commissions faster than ever with Streamlined Payouts

streamlined commission payouts

Over 20% of sales reps find themselves tangled in commission payment disputes at least once per year, leading to 9% of those reps quitting over it.  

That’s according to a new report that surveyed more than 450 Finance, Sales, and RevOps leaders from SaaS.

Many of these errors stem from earnings miscalculations, which increase with every additional formula and rep you must keep track of. 

Today, we launched Streamlined Payout Workflows to help. 

Run commissions more accurately — and faster than ever with our new guided process. 

Make commission payment efficient

Streamlined Payout Workflows, which cuts the clicks it takes to process commissions in QuotaPath in half, organizes deal and payout information by rep so that those who run commissions can approve earnings and schedule payouts from a universal view. 

Instead of toggling between spreadsheets or pages within your sales compensation software, with Streamlined Payout Workflows, view commission at the deal level and approve earnings, set eligibility rules, and schedule payouts all from one spot. 

Meet our new inbox-zero approach to commissions below:

Now, account for your entire revenue team’s earnings data in an efficient guided process

Commission approvals have never been easier (or faster).  

See for yourself by starting your free trial, or schedule time with our team to learn more. 

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About QuotaPath

QuotaPath partners with revenue teams to manage sales compensation more efficiently. With a library of free resources that support compensation plan design and strategy and an automated commission tracking platform, QuotaPath aligns teams, saves time, and increases earnings accuracy.

Missed our last product update? Check out our auto commission rates tool that calculates commission rates without formulas and breaks down views for your reps to foster comp understanding and accountability.

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