Your 3-step path to simplifying commissions

By Kelly O'Halloran • March, 2023 • 3 mins

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In an effort to simplify sales compensation, we launched Compensation Hub, a free library of 20 widely adopted and customizable comp plan templates. Users can modify plans for their business and share them internally with their teams to kick off design evaluations. 

Now, we’re taking the simplification a step further.

Your comp plan should be without complexities, and so should your ability to try out sales compensation management solutions before purchasing. That’s why we offer a free trial with an easy-to-follow, 3-step onboarding experience.

Build a comp plan, map your CRM, and streamline payouts during our 30-day trial. Access our most comprehensive product offering with all of our features available to explore. 

With our new trial, users can:

  • Build a compensation plan (or borrow one from Compensation Hub)
  • Sync your CRM, such as HubSpot or Salesforce
  • Invite and manage team members 
  • Test future comp plan adjustments to current bookings
  • Forecast pipeline deals and attainment
  • Approve earnings and schedule commission payouts

Free to try

QuotaPath is the only sales compensation platform on the market that offers a free trial, self-upgrades, and self-onboarding.

Get started in QuotaPath

To see success with QuotaPath, we encourage you to complete these three steps:

  1. Build your sales compensation plans
  2. Sync your deal data 
  3. Onboard your team members

Our intuitive interface will guide you through the steps to build your compensation plan within the app. Use our widely adopted adjustable templates, build your current plan, or test a plan you have in mind to implement later in the year and see how today’s numbers stack up.

Note: Once you have one plan built, you can duplicate and edit it for additional comp plans at your organization.  

Stand up QuotaPath in 3 guided steps.

Next, you’re ready to integrate your CRM

We have pre-built integrations and a data mapping tool with Salesforce and HubSpot that take only a few steps to set up. These syncs are one-directional, meaning only the CRM data feeds into QuotaPath and we never overwrite your data.

The third (and last!) step involves adding your team members.

You’ll have the ability to notify members and invite them into your QuotaPath workspace, or, you may choose not to alert them. If the latter, this will give you a chance to see how their existing pipeline translates to earnings and attainment within our app. 


If you’re looking to test proposed comp plan changes against current numbers, add your team members to your QuotaPath workspace to see their data but refrain from inviting them until you’re ready.

Once you’ve reviewed your teams’ earnings and attainment, confirmed the sales compensation plans are properly set, and secured your CRM integration, you’re ready to invite your team and give them the sales compensation transparency they yearn for.  

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get out of spreadsheets faster and run your next commission payouts using QuotaPath’s free commission tracking trial. 

Have additional questions about how to use QuotaPath for your plans and teams? Book a time for a consultation with a member of our team for a custom demo of QuotaPath’s sales compensation software

Updated on March, 2023

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