2023: A Year of Innovation and Efficiency at QuotaPath

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As we approach the end of another year, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared at QuotaPath. 

2023 presented a unique challenge for many tech companies, including us, as we navigated market volatility. Despite the economic environment’s uncertainties, our commitment to empowering revenue leaders to optimize their sales compensation processes remained unwavering.

In fact, we doubled down on our technology and services to make QuotaPath users’ experiences more efficient and impactful by releasing nearly 50 new features and product updates — many of which came directly from listening to our customers and turning feedback into innovation. 

These include enhancements to our free trial, streamlined setups in QuotaPath, tools to draft and test compensation plan proposals, and role-specific holistic dashboards to prioritize task management and deliver more transparency into compensation. 

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We’ve listened closely to your feedback and prioritized developments that address your most pressing needs.

“QuotaPath continues to listen to customer feedback on ways to evolve the payout process in the platform by updating workflows and improving the reports available for my teams,” said a Director of Finance who uses QuotaPath.

Here’s a glimpse into the key areas we focused our efforts:

Streamlined Commission Payouts

Accelerated Onboarding and Time to Value

  • Free Trial enhancements
  • Sample compensation plans and data (sandbox)
  • Streamlined set up

First, we focused on getting started in QuotaPath more quickly.

Chances are that if you’re evaluating QuotaPath, you’ve already experienced snafus with your sales compensation management process. 

To help realize the value of automation faster,  this year, we launched enhancements to our Free Trial, filled new QuotaPath workspaces with sample plans and data, and streamlined plan setup. 

The latter took getting started in QuotaPath down to just 3 steps that follow an intuitive, guided process. So, the first time you log in, you’re greeted with a setup dashboard that takes you through building a comp plan, syncing deal data, and onboarding team members. 

Enhancements to Comp Plan Builder 

  • Advanced Path Dependencies
  • Fractional Attainment
  • Auto Commission Rates
  • Draft Plans
  • Plan Details

Next, we invested in our Plan Builder tool to accommodate deeper comp plan complexities.

These adjustments included advanced path dependencies, fractional attainment (think: an SDR that is paid based on demos set), auto commission rates, draft plans, and plan details. 

Each of these has led to huge improvements in building out comp plans in our system.

For instance, auto commission rates calculates commission rates on the backend (and shows you how the rate was calculated). This allows you to skip building complex formulas the next time your comp plan calls for variable pay splits, multipliers, and more. 

“The automatic commission rate feature at the rep level will support an expedited process around plan configuration, increase visibility, and minimize opportunities for errors. I’m excited that QuotaPath continues to enable our team at Muck Rack to execute with enhanced precision and transparency!”, said Claire King, RevOps Associate Director at Muck Rack.

And we recently introduced Draft Plans so those responsible for proposing comp plan changes can test their structures against previous sales data to see how they would perform. 

This feature came at the request of several of our customers, who were thrilled to see it live.

“So excited to use this for building next year’s plans ahead of time. Kudos to your team for getting this out there before then,” wrote one customer. 

Lastly, we made editing and monitoring the ongoing performance of comp plans in a new Plan Details view easier. This dashboard pulls earning paths within each compensation structure, the deal data used to calculate commissions, and lists the reps who follow that plan. A performance section within this view also shows how your team is progressing to plan and displays total earnings, average effective rate, and plan attainment by rep.

compensation dashboard showing visibility and automation
Home for Admin

Streamlined Commission and Data Management

  • Home for Admins & Reps (including a mobile view for Reps)
  • Mobile view for Reps
  • Deal Search and Deal Details
  • Member Details
  • Visual Design Updates
  • Streamlined Payouts Workflow

The new Plan Details view skims only the surface of our efforts to streamline commission and data management. Throughout 2023, we also rolled out visualizations, design updates, and workflows tailored to the various roles of our users. 

For example, Home for Admins and Home for Reps surface compensation notifications, such as lingering deal approvals, flagged deals that need resolving, or comp plans awaiting rep signatures. 

Admins see total earnings across their teams, payouts and effective rates, and trends according to quota frequencies.

“This view brings forward the right data that I need to complete the commission process faster and close the loop on discrepancies,” said a customer.

Meanwhile, reps gain an overview of their earnings per month or quarter and plan payment breakdowns and payouts, fostering seller accountability, understanding, and ownership of their sales compensation. 

Then, we cut the time to process commissions in QuotaPath in half by organizing deal and payout information by rep. Called Streamlined Payouts Workflow, this enhancement enables those who run commissions to approve earnings and schedule payouts from a universal view in a guided process.  

“Streamlined Payouts is huge for me,” said one of our customers, who is an accountant for a SaaS company.

New integrations with leading CRM and Payments/Accounting platforms

  • Self-service integrations syncs (including Pipedrive, Copper, Quickbooks, GoogleSheets, and Stripe)
  • Okta
  • Microsoft SSO

Last but not least, 2023 marked a watershed moment for QuotaPath, as we empowered revenue teams with unprecedented autonomy and efficiency by launching self-service integrations within our platform. 

Now, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between your existing tech stack (Pipedrive, Copper, Quickbooks, GoogleSheets, and Stripe) and QuotaPath with just a few clicks. 

Plus, to simplify login processes and enhance user security, we enabled customers to login to QuotaPath using their Single Sign-On accounts with Okta and Microsoft Azure SSO. 

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About QuotaPath

These advancements are a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing you with the best possible tools to manage your sales compensation effectively. 

We’re confident that these new features will empower you to:

  • Get started in QuotaPath quickly and easily.
  • Design and test compensation plans with greater accuracy and confidence.
  • Manage commission payouts and deal data more efficiently.
  • Integrate QuotaPath seamlessly into your existing technology ecosystem.

As we move forward, we remain committed to listening to your feedback and evolving our platform to meet your ever-changing needs. We’re excited to continue bringing innovative features to the market. Speaking of which, we have two exciting additions coming in January involving customized reporting that will provide valuable insights into commissions for our customers.

Thank you for being a part of the QuotaPath community! Want to be a part of it? Schedule time with our team to learn more about how QuotaPath can help you 

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