Automate Commissions & Forecast Revenue in One Dashboard

QuotaPath helps sales teams design fully customizable compensation plans, forecast commissions in real-time, and surface insights in one easy-to-use dashboard. No more manual calculations or data entry.

We integrate directly with your CRM – up and running in 1 day!

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The Old Way

Honestly, Is This the Way to Manage Commissions?

Your spreadsheets are fragmented, static, and error-prone. They’re impossible to scale with your organization. Your sales team should be closing deals, not crunching numbers.

Still tracking with spreadsheets?

  • You’re wasting time double-inputting data
  • You’re prone to making expensive mistakes

Other commission tracking tools don’t fit your sales process.

  • You can’t build, update, or distribute your plans without assistance
  • Integrations aren’t robust and implementation will take weeks or months

Here’s How it Works

Track Commissions 100% Automatically & Accurately Forecast Revenue

  • Reps will never question how much they earned.
  • Sales leaders always know their team’s track record for success.
  • Revenue Operations can manage compensation with ease.
  • Accounting can pay reps correctly and balance the books.

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Book a fully personalized demo to see how QuotaPath will work for you, your sales team, and your process.

Step #1

Design fully custom compensation plans

  • Design your own custom comp plans with monthly quotas, quarterly bonuses, spiffs, and more.
  • Or start off with one of our 20+ templates of common compensation plans. Set them up with 1 click!
“Will this support my comp plan?”

Our approach to setting up comp plans is unique in that each plan consists of Paths (hence the name QuotaPath), allowing you to layer multiple components into a single plan.

Step #2

Track and manage commissions in an easy-to-use dashboard

  • Automated commission calculations and real-time CRM integrations
  • Deal control to assign, edit, lock, and override
  • Detailed audit trails and breakdowns of individual earnings

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“Will this work with the tools I use?”

We offer a .CSV upload if you want to bulk import your team’s deals to QuotaPath without an integration. More integrations coming soon!