Streamline paying sales commissions

Rally teams around shared revenue goals by building comprehensive sales compensation plans and providing visible earnings. Feel confident you're paying commissions correctly on every deal.

Increase accountability & compensation ownership

75% of Sales Reps don’t trust they are paid fairly. Why? Most comp plans are unnecessarily complex. We believe compensation plans should be fair, logical, simple — with progress toward attainment readily visible using sales commission software.

With QuotaPath, you can start designing with our library of best-in-class compensation plans, or create your own comp plan with our intuitive plan builder inclusive of customization for multiple components.

Efficiently manage commissions

Closing your books shouldn’t take a week each month. With sales and commission tracking software that automates calculations and enables plan verification, discrepancy flagging, and scheduling payments, QuotaPath powers efficient commission payments. Eliminate debate on payments thanks to detailed deal views, inclusive of effective commission rates. Your sales reps and your finance team will be in lock-step with what is getting paid when.

And, as your team scales and your comp plans shift, make adjustments yourself without sacrificing time or visibility.

Integrate your stack

Why have disparate tools and inefficient processes to manage sales progress and compensation? QuotaPath’s sales commission system connects the CRM, ERP, Accounting, and Data Warehouse systems you use to track deals, invoices and payments. Our self-service integrations and rules for payouts eligibility give you flexibility to add, edit or remove sources as your business grows.

What our customers are saying

QuotaPath helps Muck Rack scale to 100 reps while providing sales comp visibility

Two years into adopting QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration, Muck Rack saves time and reduces errors by standardizing compensation processes for Revenue, Ops, and Finance.

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runZero syncs HubSpot, eliminates commission tracking errors and questions

Sales Founder calls QuotaPath onboarding experience “best I’ve ever had.”

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EverView cleans up commissions with QuotaPath, sets record sales

EverView delivers customer engagement and payment solutions through modernized processes and frictionless experiences.

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Blackthorn sets record-breaking sales months following QuotaPath implementation

Blackthorn buddied up with Salesforce in 2015 to offer a native app that makes managing events & payment processing easier.

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Report: Solving the Biggest Sales Compensation Challenges

Insights from 450 RevOps, Finance and Sales leaders on how to ensure compensation plans align to business goals, motivate sales reps, and maintain simplicity in 2024.

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Report: How 100+ SaaS companies approach their comp plans

A comprehensive guide to sales comp plans trends. The benchmark report summarizes how sales, RevOps, and finance leaders build compensation plans.

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Your all-in-one solution for sales commissions

  • Simplify calculations & ensure accurate commissions
  • Integrate your essential tools
  • Instill confidence in your reps with transparent commissions
  • Save valuable time by streamlining stakeholder processes


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