Align sales commissions to your revenue strategy

Solve the push and pull between Sales, RevOps, and Finance. Growth-stage companies use QuotaPath to increase comp visibility and rep motivation.

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Integrate with the tools you use to see the whole picture

Trust data cleanliness by syncing your CRM to QuotaPath, and streamline your commission processes by using our admin controls, deal flagging, and compensation plan verification features.

QuotaPath provides your teams and leadership with real-time insights into their forecasted revenue and earnings.

Design compensation plans to drive performance

Design your own custom comp plans with monthly quotas, quarterly bonuses, spiffs, and more.

We go the extra mile when it comes to comp planning with a library of resources to help you get started.

Create payout schedules and stay ASC 606 compliant

Become and maintain ASC 606 compliance with a clear system of record of commissions to be paid. Split them into multiple payouts or installments. Keep your books up-to-date and balanced.

The ROI of automating commissions with QuotaPath

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Real-time Hubspot integration

runZero’s Sales Founder shares experience with QuotaPath HubSpot commission tracking integration, calling onboarding the best he’s ever had.


95% team-wide daily user logins

With easily measured and viewable comp plans in QuotaPath, EverView saw a rise in positive selling behaviors.


Record-breaking sales month-over-month

Blackthorn was up and running in two weeks and reaped the rewards of smashing record after record three months in a row.

Ready to automate sales compensation?

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  • Gain powerful insights into individual & team performance
  • Quit wasting time & money on inaccurate commission calculations

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Calculate Quota:OTE Ratio

Use this free calculator to ensure your reps’ on-target earnings and quotas mirror what they’re bringing in for the business.

How to Build a Compensation Plan Your Sales Team (& Future Investors) Will Love

QuotaPath and SaaSOptics team up to help you design sales comp plans that deliver.