Spiff vs CaptivateIQ vs Xactly vs QuotaPath: A full comparison

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After running sales commissions manually through spreadsheets, you’re ready to offload some work by recruiting the help of automation. 

Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice. 

While we respect the spreadsheet and its loyal fanbase of formula wizards, we also believe in working smarter, not harder. Why calculate and track commissions in a cell when you can leverage the power of technology to take that on for you?

That’s where commission payment software comes in.

With a growing list of sales compensation management platforms and four leaders in the space, where do you begin? To help, we built a thorough comparison list of the most widely adopted and top-performing sales commission platforms.

Read on for a comparison between QuotaPath, Spiff, CaptivateIQ, and Xactly. Want to jump right into QuotaPath and get a feel for yourself? Start a free 30-day trial here.

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All platforms, in a nutshell

To help you get an idea of the best sales commission software, we surfaced what customers and prospects care about most when evaluating which platform to purchase. 

Tool accessibility and usability: The ease with which the platform allows you to create compensation plans and make changes or adjustments as you scale. 

Forecast earnings/attainment: Executive- and rep-level reporting on existing and forecasted revenue and earning potential tied to pipeline and quota attainment. 

ASC-606 Compliant: Ability to schedule, recognize and report commission expenses in compliance with ASC 606 regulations

Time-to-value: The time it takes for customers from the moment of purchase to realize the value of a sales incentive compensation platform.

Accuracy: Trust in the math and calculations.  

Integrations: Data connections that enable direct and real-time data flow from commissions’ source of truth.

Rep accountability: Views that provide clarity into sales compensation, progress toward goals, and when, what, and how commissions are paid. 

In-app communication: Collaboration and communication enabled within the commission tracking app to dispute, resolve, and keep records of commission payment discrepancies.

Support: Accessible, reliable, and helpful vendor support.

Pricing: Upfront pricing models, no minimum user limits, and no onboarding, implementation, or professional services fees.

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Spiff vs. CaptivateIQ vs. Xactly vs. QuotaPath 

❌ Heavy set up❌Complex with ongoing maintenance required❌ Legacy technology✅ Easy to use and update
❌ Professional service fees❌ Professional service fees❌ Requires heavy uplift to get started✅ Transparent and low professional service fees
❌ 1x daily HubSpot refresh❌Requires an API to implement HubSpot❌ Difficult to maintain✅ Native, real-time HubSpot integration
❌ No free trial❌ Cost-prohibitive❌ Fit for only large enterprises✅ Free to try
❌ Long implementation period times❌ Not rep-friendly✅ Quick to implement
✅ Dedicated customer success specialist

Reviews Comparison

To get an objective view of all four platforms, we checked out three independent review sites under the sales compensation software category. 

G2“Super easy to integrate with Salesforce to pull in all your CRM data.
Easy to create plans and paths and duplicate them.
Can forecast pipeline and closed deals to see your potential earnings.”
“The onboarding experience is painfully long. 
We have been trying to get Spiff deployed to the entire org. for over 4 months, and while we have deployed to 2 groups, we still have another 2-4 left.”
“The reporting and exports are VERY cumbersome
We were sold on the system giving our sales leadership having better visibility to their orgs, which they do not have….my whole sales leadership says they highly dislike the tool.”
It is difficult to maintain, difficult to manage in a setting where you are quickly growing and having tons of changes. 
It feels like it’s a better fit for a large scale enterprise company, rather than smaller companies that make large scale plan changes on a quarterly/semi-annual basis.”
Capterra“ I didn’t realize it, but I can’t live without QuotaPath — It makes it super easy to keep track of things, plus our sales team LOVES the transparency and how easy it is to understand how their commission is setup. 
Lastly, it helps them to set goals and get motivated by allowing them to experiment with “What If” scenarios.”
“Spiff is perfect to a large extent, but it depends on the size of the user’s knowledge of the platform’s work as required, and access to the smooth handling of all tools requires completing the training period and acquiring the skills needed, and this will not take much time.”“The plans are not so challenging to implement if you have a financial background, the formulas are pretty similar to the Excel ones, but it’s a bit time-consuming, so you better save a prominent slot in your calendar to complete the implementation.”“End-user training may require a sizable time investment, as not all features are intuitive. 
Initial administrator training has a relatively steep learning curve as there are numerous factors (i.e. order of operations) that are required to manually run some processes.”
Trust Radius“QuotaPath is perfect when transitioning from google sheets for early stage companies. Very quick and easy to setup. Very simple to build new comp plans and configure existing ones. 
They have amazing Customer Service to help with any complexity in your comp plan. Lots of features are constantly being released:
“It is not reliable, what is said can be done has never been the case without a lot of additional tinkering.” “ I wish it was easier to understand spiffs and special commission considerations. That would make it easier. Not sure where they are applied.”“When the system works, it is great. But recently we are having so many issues with Xactly and they can’t seem to be able to help an existing customer that has been with Xactly for over 8 years. 
Really need to start looking for some new company soon.”

Pricing Comparison

In today’s market, buyers want (and should expect) to be able to find out pricing information without having to jump through hoops and speak to a sales rep or two.

That’s why QuotaPath proudly shares transparent pricing directly on our website. 

“Your website should answer almost all the questions a buyer might have, especially pricing,” said QuotaPath CEO and Co-Founder AJ Bruno.

If you visit Spiff’s, CaptivateIQ’s, and Xactly’s websites, you’ll find an absence of actual pricing info on pricing pages or missing pricing sections altogether. However, after some sleuthing, we were able to locate pricing for Spiff, CaptivateIQ, and Xactly for you. 

Check out the model below to see how they all compare: Spiff vs CaptivateIQ, CaptivateIQ vs Xactly, Spiff vs Xactly, and QuotaPath vs CaptivateIQ.

QuotaPath✅$40/user/month✅ Quick to implement
✅Onboarding time: 2-4 weeks
✅Free dedicated CSM and AM to assist with onboarding and ongoing support✅Best-in-class integrations with SFDC, HubSpot, Close, Quickbooks, Stripe
✅Open API
$15,000 minimum
$95/user analytics add on
$3,000 implementation cost
Onboarding time: 6-8 weeks
$100/user for first month of onboardingNative SFDC, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Stripe, Snowflake  integration
Gaps in HubSpot integration
APIs to connect to other platform
$15,000 minimum
$2,500 implementation cost
Onboarding time: 8-12 weeks
Added cost for premium supportNative SFDC and NetSuite integration
Heavy reliance on APIs or Workato to connect to other platforms
Xactly$60/user/monthHefty implementation cost
Onboarding time: up to 6 months
Ongoing professional service feesNative SFDC, NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics integration
REST APIs to connect to other platforms

Which is the best platform?

The best sales commission software will largely depend on the size of your company, commission’s source of truth, and preference for setup.

For instance, scaling small to medium-sized tech companies will find the most value with a solution like QuotaPath’s. That’s because QuotaPath’s fast time to value (onboarding and implementations within 6 weeks), no minimum user limit, and guidance on compensation plan design are invaluable for fast-changing teams that need a helping hand in aligning their compensation strategies to their business goals. 

Those who run deals and earnings info through HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Google Sheets, as well as invoicing systems such as Quickbooks, Maxio, and Stripe, will also benefit from QuotaPath’s 3-step data syncs and real-time updates. 

Meanwhile, large enterprises are a better fit for Spiff, CaptivateIQ, or Xactly. Plus, those platforms prefer that based on their minimum user requirements and lengthy implementation periods dedicated to carefully setting up large accounts. 

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Pros of QuotaPath over Spiff, CaptivateIQ, and Xactly

Incentive compensation management software come in all shapes and sizes. 

What sets QuotaPath apart from the rest is our team, our solution’s ability to foster accountability and ownership over company-wide financial goals, and streamlined workflows that build operational efficiencies in your compensation management processes. 

Plus, we are the only commission tool with a free trial

The Team

Sales compensation is nuanced. 

Having a partner with a trusted commission management solution and a team that knows the ins and outs of comp design can play a critical role in rallying your team around your financial targets. 

QuotaPath’s team has evaluated thousands of sales comp plans. We share our knowledge with our communities and customers and act as advisors to steer teams toward simple, logical, and fair incentive structures.

We listen, understand, and empathize. Whether you’re in the front of the house, or the back of the house we’re here to help.

Our Customer Success team is the fastest in the biz, with less than 90-second response times. Our Account Managers ensure even your most complex comp plans run smoothly and accurately, and our Product team has their eyes and ears locked in on the customer to ensure our platform is evolving with your needs. 

Accountability and ownership

Department-wide understanding and alignment over your financial targets are paramount to the success of your business.

By collaborating with QuotaPath, you gain an advisor to align your compensation plans directly to your business metrics, such as annual recurring revenue (ARR), gross revenue retention (GRR), net revenue retention (NRR), etc.

When everyone knows what they’re working toward and how their efforts impact the bottom line, you’re setting your team and organization up for success.

Pair that with the commission tool itself, and you give all stakeholders visibility into real-time progress toward those goals as well as forecasted earnings and revenue. Account managers now have access to see how their most recent renewal improved GRR and how much they can expect to get paid on it.

What follows is accountability and ownership from the top down over progress and earnings. 

sales incentive QuotaPath free trial
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Operational efficiencies

We surveyed Finance, RevOps, and Sales leaders about their compensation management, and the biggest challenge they reported with their processes was that their sales comp models were too hard to execute and too time-consuming. 

QuotaPath creates operational efficiencies from comp plan design through commission payments. 

“When you scale a team, comp structures start to contain different elements,” said Katie Cooper,  Muck Rack, Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations. “QuotaPath offers the ability to take what you have in the system and build on it so that when you have a slightly tweaked plan or a new teammate, you can build a new plan and assign accordingly in three minutes versus an hour.”

By streamlining workflows from the moment you sign up for a free 30-day trial to hosting in-app communication to raise commission questions and resolve disputes, and by surfacing the most important commission-related tasks to those who run payouts, we’re making it easier to own, stay on top of, and run commissions.  

Need to get rep sign-off on a comp plan change? Use Plan Verification in QuotaPath to distribute new commission policies and collect rep sign-off.

Katie, for example, used to spend 2 to 3 hours manually sending mail-merged compensation and goal emails to every rep. Now, it takes 10 minutes.

Free app experience

When in doubt, don’t take our word for it. Play in the app yourself by signing up for a free trial. 

As the only commission tool with a free trial experience, QuotPath gives you the chance to integrate your CRM, map your existing comp plan, or test your current pipeline’s data with one of our customizable templates, and invite team members to your QuotaPath workspace.

What’s more, you can even run commission payouts

All for free and without having to enter credit card information. 

With QuotaPath:

  • Provide reps and leadership with immediate insights into forecasted revenue 
  • Monitor team-wide performance
  • Pull up ARR in realtime
  • Quickly design and build compensation plans within the platform
  • Be ASC 606-compliant with commissions recognition and reporting
  • Incentivize your reps
  • Integrate your CRM

To learn more, chat with one of our teammates today.

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