QuickBooks commission tracking: Your options

quickbooks commission tracking

Can you run QuickBooks commission tracking? Below, we introduce QuickBooks and its capabilities. But most importantly, we share how to use QuickBooks with QuotaPath’s commissions management solutions.

First, what does QuickBooks do? 

Launched in 1983, QuickBooks supports accounting and finance teams by automating processes, managing products and projects, and streamlining workflows. 

While initially set out to support the small and medium business sector, QuickBooks has scaled to support large enterprises, too. 

Speaking of enterprises, Intuit founded QuickBooks. This seats the fintech platform next to Intuit’s family of brands which includes TurboTax, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mail Chimp. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform can facilitate inventory tracking, invoicing, bill management, bookkeeping, timesheets, and lots more. Basically, all of the responsibilities of a standard accounting team can get a leg up with QuickBooks. 

However, one key accounting function that QuickBooks cannot do independently is automated sales commissions.

And that, my friends, is where we, another “Q” company, come into play.

Plus, you can log in to our free commission tracking software and work with a commission plan template, customize your own, or partner with us to design one aligned to your business model.

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Automating compensation

But that’s only the beginning. Our consultative comp planning efforts prepare your team for the actual automation of sales commission tracking and payments

Once your plans are ready, our team works with yours to build them out in QuotaPath. Through real-time integrations, our platform generates accurate and up-to-date deal and commission data. This enables users to quickly generate a sales commission report and get immediate insights into existing and forecasted earnings and attainment. 

Leaders can make adjustments easily to comp plans or users throughout the year, thanks to our system’s usability. And, thanks to the high backend technical work, our platform can manage almost any comp plan, regardless of its complexities.

Interested in connecting this platform with QuickBooks? See below!

Using QuotaPath with QuickBooks

Fans of both QuotaPath and QuickBooks can soon connect the two platforms for payouts eligibility.

This means that teams can configure commission payments based on variables set forth by the compensation plan.

Let’s say your plan pays 10% when the deal closes and the other 90 when the invoice comes in. QuotaPath can automate commission payouts accordingly. 

And, because we love transparency, those earning the commissions can go in as well to see when they get paid and how much.

Streamline commissions for your RevOps, Finance, and Sales teams

Design, track, and manage variable incentives with QuotaPath. Give your RevOps, finance, and sales teams transparency into sales compensation.

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Learn more about QuotaPath’s QuickBooks commission tracking

To learn more about QuotaPath’s commissions management services and compensation plan software, book a time with our team. Send over your comp plan ahead of the call, and we can build it out within the app for you.

For our QuickBooks fans, we’ll show you how QuotaPath will run QuickBooks commission tracking to ensure no commission check is inaccurate again.

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