QuotaPath’s QuokkaPath May winner is a Sales Manager from Kin

By Kelly O'Halloran • May, 2022 • 2 mins

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Every month, QuotaPath collects nominations from our customers to name a Quokka of the Month. We’re thrilled to announce our QuokkaPath May winner below. To nominate a teammate, see past winners, and learn more about this initiative, check out our dedicated QuokkaPath page

What does “team player” mean to you?

For Kin Sales Manager Melissa Shah, our QuokkaPath May winner, teamwork translates to supporting her team as a coach and, more importantly, a teacher.

“Melissa is very understanding,” wrote Kin Sales Consultant Tonya Brey in Melissa’s QuokkaPath nomination. “She’s always willing to help and offer assistance in a smart and efficient way.”

Tonya added that, rather than just answering questions, Melissa slows down and shows her team how to address their challenges should they come up again.

“Melissa is very understanding. She’s always willing to help and offer assistance in a smart and efficient way.”

Tonya Brey, Kin Sales Consultant

“She’s always there to teach,” Tonya said.

One time, for instance, Tonya had several questions about an upcoming commission check. Instead of directing Tonya to Finance, Melissa pulled up QuotaPath, addressed Tonya’s concerns, and guided her through how to find this out next time.

“I love to instruct and coach, and I’ve found my role as a Sales Manager very rewarding,” Melissa said.

More on Melissa

The sales leader joined the home insurance platform Kin just under a year ago. Prior to Kin, Melissa served as a sales manager at State Farm for nearly seven years.

“Sales excites me because your effort determines your earnings and I truly enjoy helping my team reach their goals,” Melissa said. “I’d describe my management style as supportive, and I set the bar high.”

As for some parting leadership advice, Melissa had this to share:

“The folks in the trenches on the sales floor know a ton about the company (often more than I do) and I make no secret of that,” Melissa said.

Excellent tip!

Please join us in congratulating our May Quokka of the Month winner, Melissa Shah!

Nominations are now open for June’s Quokka of the Month. To recognize your teammate, answer six questions and learn more about QuokkaPath in the video below.

Updated on May, 2022


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