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Hello, and welcome! You’re here because you want a commission calculator, right?

Perhaps you read through “Calculating commissions in Excel? Start here” and decided there’s an easier way.

Great news! There is, and you’re in the right place. 

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QuotaPath built its sales commission reporting, compensation management, and payout functions so that users can immediately run commissions in our system. Equally as important, QuotaPath designed its platform so that users actually want to — and enjoy — using it.

“We created QuotaPath to be straightforward and obvious,” said Director of Product Andy Keil. “Everything should feel effortless and intuitive, whether that’s setting up a compensation plan, referencing how much money you’re going to make on a deal, or using the product in general.”

To see how Andy and his team achieved the challenge of simplicity in design and experience, we asked him to navigate us through a new user journey. 

Read on for an inside look into what you can expect upon joining our growing community. 

Thanks so much for the chat, Andy! 

Q&A with QuotaPath Head of Product

To get started,guide us through what happens when a sales leader first signs up for QuotaPath.

Andy: The first thing you do is set up compensation plans for your team, the rules for how they get paid. We’ve made this really easy for you to set up and create through a no-code, no-formula wizard. It’s a human-readable, step-by-step process that translates your compensation plans into our commission software. 

These plans are immediately extendable, meaning you can assign to multiple reps instead of having to create an individual one for each team member. 

That sounds too easy.

Andy: Our differentiator is our ease of use and onboarding time. Competitors in our space can take months to get up and running. We can get customers onboarded in a few days. We provide support and offer explanations to ensure you’re setting it up the right way. Our team is ready to jump in and help with anything you need, even if it’s to double-check your work. 

Then what?

Andy: Next, we have an insanely straightforward setup to connect your CRM through our native, real-time integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Close. Our integrations can be set up in just a few clicks. 

Once you set up the plans and connect your CRM, QuotaPath starts populating the platform based on your closed/won and pipeline stages. Each rep is able to see their current progress towards quota along with historical data.

What can the reps see?

Andy: They can see how much they’re making in the current period, they can forecast earnings based on their pipeline, and they can see earnings details broken out by each individual path on their plan. (Paths are the different ways a rep can be compensated within a Plan.) With MyPath, sales reps can set their own earnings goals to connect them to more tangible targets.

 “Our entire UX approach and philosophy focus on the idea that whatever we’re building shouldn’t require lots of training. We want our users to log in for the first time and already have a general understanding of how to use it.
Anything but that, and we’ve missed the mark.”

Andy Keil, Director of Product

What parts of the commission process is QuotaPath alleviating for its users with its commission calculator?

Andy: We’re removing spreadsheets entirely from the equation and handling all the heavy lifting on the calculations side. Any manual step in the commission process leading up to the actual payment, we’re taking on in real-time. Whenever someone logs into QuotaPath, our system will reflect exactly what Salesforce, HubSpot, or Close shows.

Another example is if reps are trying to see how they’re tracking against the month or quarter. All they have to do is log in. There’s no extra work. No copying and pasting into a spreadsheet. By moving commissions out of a spreadsheet, we’re mitigating and alleviating the back and forth so commonly associated with commissions. There’s no chain of email exchanges when something looks off because it’s all located transparently in one place.

Our release of Deal Flagging also allows for our users across all levels to raise their hands when something looks incorrect. 

How is QuotaPath supporting RevOps and finance?

Andy: At the end of a period, RevOps and finance teams can easily run through the system to make approvals. If something feels off, they can check and see how something was calculated, and update or override as needed before proceeding to approvals. The workflow between team managers, RevOps and finance, works really well. Finance teams, too, can amortize commissions over time and stay compliant with ASC 606 within QuotaPath. Once approved, commissions can be exported and uploaded to payroll. 

How does QuotaPath use QuotaPath?

Andy: Our teams obviously lean on our platform for its commission calculator tool and sales performance management software. But our sales team also runs their weekly pipe review from our Attainment page. It’s how we forecast. This view gives the team the ability to see closed/won existing deals and quickly run through the deals expected to close. Toggle on forecasting, and you’ve got your final number.

Two more questions, and we’ll let you get back to it. What makes QuotaPath so easy to use?

Andy: We made it obvious what the next step would be for the user. Our entire UX approach and philosophy focus on the idea that whatever we’re building shouldn’t require lots of training. We want our users to log in for the first time and already have a general understanding of how to use it. Anything but that, and we’ve missed the mark. 

Lastly, what would you like someone unfamiliar with QuotaPath’s commission calculator to know?

Andy: It’s just so easy to start and try it out. We’re not hiding anything. Everything is in plain sight, so if you want to see it, jump in, and play around. Software like this can feel daunting, but ours makes intuitive sense. Coupled with a team that is overly invested in the success of your entire commission process, you’ll have everything you need. 

Interested in learning more?

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