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pride month
Love is love: QuotaPath celebrates Pride month

There is so much talk about what makes great leaders and how we can all learn from them – their successes, failures, wins, and mistakes. The leaders that I admire...

multi plans
Product and Tools
Multi-Plan makes my sales nerd heart beam

I have a confession. I’m a sales nerd. Which is why I got excited about QuotaPath’s new Multi-Plan feature that has helped surface important milestones in my sales career. Like...

plan sharing comp plans
Product and Tools
Send comp plans and empower your team with Plan Sharing

QuotaPath makes it easier than ever to streamline and optimize sales performance. Our custom Plan Builder supports all types of comp plans, from Sales Reps to SDRs to Account Management....

henry steinberg
Meet the team: Henry Steinberg, Front End Software Engineer

For the past year, we’ve been heads down collaborating, building, testing, shipping, iterating, and passionately working hard to make the QuotaPath app accessible to the world. Through each push to...

quotapath workspaces
Product and Tools
Introducing Workspaces: A new way to work and collaborate with your team

So often, sales sits on the front lines of a company’s growth. While lone wolves do exist and can be successful on their own, most are surrounded by team members...

quotapath seed round
QuotaPath raises $3.5M to help salespeople crush quotas and make more money

We’ve had things pretty good since the company’s inception 10 months ago. Startups can be hard — and ours is no different — but this team is making it look...

quotpath 2018 review
QuotaPath’s 2018 in Review

Phew! What a year we had at QuotaPath. 2018 was truly the start of something big. Since our inception in April, we achieved many things as a team, like raising...

favorite sales compensation plan
My Favorite Sales Compensation Plan

Update: Although this piece originally published in 2019, AJ has confirmed as of Dec. 9, 2021, that the following remains true today.  Given my experience leading and running sales teams...

tme to vote initiative
QuotaPath joins Time to Vote to boost voter turnout

People shouldn’t have to choose between working and voting, yet with Election Day not being a public holiday and falling in the middle of the week, millions of Americans aren’t...

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