health and entrepreneurship
Company, Leadership
Health + Entrepreneurship: How I ended up in the ER because of stress and mental exhaustion

I woke up with hives all over my body. I tried to stand up but my legs gave out. I hit the floor. Something was very wrong. It felt like...

quotapath and revenue collective
QuotaPath + Revenue Collective: Driving compensation awareness & education

Big news has hit the sales community today. Drum roll please… We’re excited to announce that QuotaPath has entered into a strategic partnership with Revenue Collective, a membership organization of...

best sales movies
Company, Sales
The best sales movies to watch in 2020

Are you working from home due to COVID-19 like a lot of salespeople? You probably burned your way through Tiger King months ago, finished the Aaron Hernandez documentary in one...

controls of sales commissions
Company, Product and Tools
QuotaPath Plus is here: Advanced controls for team commissions

Calculating commissions is a breezy process. It’s automated, with accurate and reliable data, and easily trackable. A single source of truth makes sharing simple, scalable, and organized. Sales leaders have...

linkedin sales star aj bruno
Sales thought leader: AJ Bruno makes #37 on LinkedIn Sales Stars list

There’s a running joke in our office that we’re trying to turn our CEO, AJ Bruno, into a #LinkedInfluencer. He continues to remain humble, but his successful career in sales...

virtual high fives
Creativity in Crisis: Spreading joy with virtual high fives

Creativity is born out of constraint We had planned ambitious marketing and growth goals for QuotaPath in 2020. Less than three months in the world changed as a result of...

don't confuse environment for culture
Company, Leadership
Don’t confuse environment for culture

You walk in for your final round sales interview. The recruiter told you to dress ‘smart casual’ so you ditched the stuffy corporate outfit but you don’t quite hit Zuckerberg...

women in tech
Celebrating our women who tech

Sunday, March 8th marks International Women’s Day. The UN’s webpage for the day describes it as, “…a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate...

melanie taube
Meet the team: Melanie Taube, Head of Creative Marketing

Tell me about your journey that lead you to QuotaPath? So many Paths! (no pun intended). I studied Design and Public Relations & Communication in college. I started my career...

zoe wolfe quotapath
Meet the team: Zoe Wolfe, Front End Software Engineer

To say we’re obsessed with Zoe would be an understatement. As QuotaPath’s inaugural intern, she has set a high bar in terms of quality of work, being a cultural influence,...

ralph pierre louis
Meet the team: Ralph Pierre-Louis, Head of Design

The past year has been a busy one for us here at QuotaPath. We have grown our team to 17 and put in a lot of work to reach our...

sales led founder
Growth, hiring, and turning employees into champions with AJ Bruno

QuotaPath’s CEO and Co-founder, AJ Bruno, is the definition of a mover and shaker. On any given day he’s coaching local entrepreneurs on pitch decks, having walking 1 on 1’s...

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