Success Stories

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Success Stories
Wazoku Streamlines Commission Management Across Continents

Chief Operating Officer Sarah Counts took over Wazoku’s QuotaPath implementation with HubSpot in Spring 2022. With “truly excellent support” from QuotaPath’s customer experience team, Sarah and her team built Wazoku’s...

salesforce commission tracking with quotapath success story
Success Stories
OSG runs QuotaPath’s Salesforce commission tracking sync, sets record sales

The power of an intentional compensation strategy goes a long way. That, paired with a streamlined, automated sales compensation process can stretch success even further. At least that was the...

retired spreadsheets
Success Stories
Why this leader re-designed her sales comp plans and automated commission tracking

As part of our series highlighting leaders who replaced manual commission tracking with QuotaPath’s automated commission tracking, we turn to RoverPass’s Director of Sales Kristen O’Hara. Her story differs from...

retired spreadsheets hiking thanks to quotapath
Success Stories
From Sales Ops: Why I retired my commission tracking spreadsheet

This FP&A Manager saved a week’s worth of work after retiring her sales commission tracking spreadsheet by switching to QuotaPath. Muck Rack’s Financial Planning and Analysis Manager Katie Cooper stayed...

blackthorn team quotapath success story
Success Stories
How Blackthorn hit monthly sales records after implementing QuotaPath

QuotaPath customer Blackthorn shares its successes after adopting QuotaPath’s Salesforce integration. Photo Credit: Jake Rauscher, Blackthorn, a native Salesforce app that manages events and payments, relied on Salesforce formulas to calculate...

spreadsheet retired doing yoga thanks to quotapath
Success Stories
Why this finance leader retired his sales commission tracking spreadsheet

This is a story about a Director of Finance who retired his sales commission tracking spreadsheet in favor of QuotaPath and its Salesforce integration.  For Josh Seltzer, Simplex Health’s Director of...

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