comp plan optimization best practices
5 Ways To Optimize Your Comp Plans For Performance And Cost

Effective comp plans act as a powerful engine, driving peak performance from your team, attracting and retaining top talent, and ultimately fueling business growth. Yet 97% of RevOps, Sales, and...

parental leave policy comp plans, image of pregnant woman and calendar at work
Adjusting Comp Plans to Your Parental Leave Policy

Parental leave policies are generally lacking, especially for women in sales.  According to a study published by Moms First last summer, nearly two-thirds (60%) of moms voiced negative experiences with...

Who should RevOps report to image
Who Should RevOps Report To?

Deciding who RevOps reports to within a company is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the company’s success.   It’s also often a bit of a puzzle. This relatively new...

commission tracking best practices image of quotapath plan
Commission Tracking Best Practices

Sales commissions are a powerful motivator, but a poorly managed commission tracking system (whether manual or software) can lead to frustration, confusion, and even mistrust from your revenue team. This...

retention strategies featuring daphne costa lopes, cliff simon, and ryan milligan
Mastering Retention, AI, and Sales Optimization featuring 3 Revenue Leaders

Recently, in partnership with RevOps Co-op, we hosted the webinar Mastering Retention, AI, and Sales Optimization to discuss 2024’s trends and best practices. Our panel included HubSpot’s Director of CS...

optimize compensation plans, image of quotapath commission reports
Optimizing Compensation Plans: How to Use QuotaPath for Cost Predictability

The lifeblood of any sales organization is a motivated and well-compensated team. But crafting a sales compensation plan that incentivizes top performance and checks commission costs can seem impossible. Here’s...

sales commission reports
Sales Commission Reports in QuotaPath

How do you understand the true impact of your sales commission strategy? Do you know what deals you’ve paid the largest percentage of commissions on and why? (Spoiler: It’s not...

sales commission accounting - woman at desk smiling with image of increases in chart
Guide to Sales Commission Accounting

Sales commission accounting is a critical, yet often complex, aspect of managing your sales force.  From crafting transparent commission structures to navigating tax implications and ensuring GAAP compliance, sales commission...

shorter sales cycles image of women next dollar sign art
When (and How) to Shorten Sales Cycles

Your sales compensation plans, namely your quota, should match and complement the average length of your sales cycles.  So, if your sales cycle typically runs 60 to 90 days, your...

measure commission effectiveness
How to Measure Sales Commission Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of sales commissions involves analyzing key metrics like conversion rates, revenue growth, and quota attainment. It also requires tracking individual and team performance against targets and KPIs...

optimize compensation plans yellow background with dashboard art and copy that reads visibility, modeling and testing, and continuous improvement
How to Optimize Compensation Plans

A recent study found that of 450 revenue leaders surveyed, 14% reported that their sales compensation plans fail to drive customer acquisition costs (CAC). Another 10% noted that their comp...

sales team productivity - green background with white lettering and image of money
Maximizing Sales Team Productivity with QuotaPath: A Comprehensive Guide

According to Spotio, a staggering 79% of sales executives agree that the key to achieving key targets lies in one crucial factor: improving sales team productivity. This statistic underscores the...

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