sales outreach strategy vonage guest blog, man on phone leaning over his computer
5 Best Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales with a Sales Outreach Strategy

This is a guest blog written by our friends at Vonage on sales outreach strategy. Sales outreach strategies have come a long way since the days of hiring sales reps...

commission error stories, image of a woman visibility stressed at her computer
3 Tales of Commission Mismanagement

Obviously, we talk about sales commission errors a lot because that’s why QuotaPath exists.  Mistakes like incorrect payouts due to manual errors from a commission tracking spreadsheet or reps opening...

rep comp plan understanding, two people talking at work at their desks
How To Ensure Your Team Understands Their Comp Plan

According to our 2024 Compensation Trends report, it takes reps an average of 3 to 6 months to fully understand how they’re paid. Two things are happening here. First, comp...

best sales books (image of hand pulling a book out from shelf
15 Inspiring and Tactical Sales Books by Women — for Everyone

While women comprise over half of the workforce, only 30% hold sales positions, with most filling customer service or account management roles, according to a survey by Zippia. Fewer women...

how to involve marketing in your SKO blog, image features a woman speaking in a microphone and presenting
How to involve Marketing at your SKO

An effective sales kickoff (SKO) promotes team collaboration, alignment, and motivation. Start this trend as you prepare for a successful sales kickoff with collaborative planning to align the entire go-to-market...

sales kickoff themes - image of audience watching stage
Align Your Agendas with Sales Kickoff Themes

Imagine your sales team, energized and united, laser-focused on a single, decisive goal. Picture workshops buzzing with ideas, speakers igniting passion, and activities that drive home key messages like never...

best sales podcasts, yellow background with man in headphones smiling over microphone at desk
Best Sales Podcasts 2024

Podcasts have rapidly risen in popularity from 274.8 million listeners worldwide in 2019 to 464.7 million in 2023. With over 5 million podcasts, there’s something for everyone, including sales professionals,...

two women working for blog about freelance sales reps
When to hire a freelance sales rep (and how to pay them)

Ready to scale your business but don’t have the cash to pay a full-time sales rep? A freelance sales rep may fit the bill.  A freelance sales rep is a...

man on fun looking at computer for blog about quota relief
Quota relief for sales leaders, reps, and new hires

As active members in the RevOps and Sales professional communities Pavilion, RevOps Co-op, and Women in Sales, we always listen to the questions and conversations concerning quota and compensation strategy. ...

sales compensation dashboard image of person working on laptop with quotapath sales compensation dashboard visible
Guide to sales compensation dashboards

Are you asking Sales to fly blind? You wouldn’t try to fly a plane without the necessary data to follow the flight plan. But that’s what you do if you...

sales reports
How to create an effective sales report

The key to success in sales is having a flexible, well-considered strategy in which every member of your organization has a part to play. But regular sales reports prevent even...

how to motivate sales team
How to motivate sales team

According to our 2024 sales compensation report, Solving the Biggest Sales Compensation Challenges, more than 450 Finance, RevOps, and Sales leaders reported “failure to motivate reps” as their most challenging...

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