two people chatting at small table
Top 20 interview questions for sales reps (+5 bonus tips)

Hiring sales reps can be a tricky endeavor. After all, they are salespeople selling themselves. You’re looking for successful sales rep hires that will ramp up quickly to qualifying leads,...

email schedule image
What to use instead of a “touching base” email

For years, sending a touching base email has been part of proper sales etiquette. You don’t want to be too pushy, but you can’t risk falling off the radar, either....

dialpad guest blog on scaling mindset
How to develop a sales scaling mindset (not just for startups)

This is a guest blog from Dialpad. Once you’ve made that magic 10th sale, you’re ready to start scaling, right? As a CEO, you’ll want to grow your brand, but...

what is OTE graphic
What is OTE? On-target earnings definition + examples

What is OTE? OTE stands for On-Target Earnings. Your OTE is the amount of money you can expect to earn if you hit 100% of your quota. This number is...

sales engineer interview with michael davenport
What does a sales engineer do? We asked our own to answer.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 60,000 individuals held the role of “sales engineer” in 2021. This role most frequently appeared in the computer systems design and...

community qualified lead
Community-qualified leads are the future of sales

Move over marketing qualified leads (MQL). Community-qualified leads (CQL) are the hottest new best practice for generating solid leads and brand evangelists.  According to this Community-Led Report, 22% of companies...

gamifying sales commissions
Why gamifying sales commissions is advantageous

Gamification in the workplace has increased in popularity by 143% over the last five years, according to recent research. The same study revealed that 70% of global 2000 companies and...

draw against commissions
Why you should offer a draw against commission

Paying your employees on a commission basis is a complex operation, and it can sometimes be difficult to retain employees if the system isn’t working for them. If you don’t...

how to build account hierarchy
How to comp and manage parent child accounts in your CRM

Like other processes and procedures in sales, approaching hierarchies of parent child accounts contains a lot of blurred lines and situational dependencies. Fortunately, we’ve got some experience to clear this...

essential sales metrics
10 essential metrics to track before investing in a sales enablement program

This is a guest blog written by Tanhaz Kamaly, a Partnership Executive at Dialpad.  Sales enablement has evolved over the past few years from a trendy concept to a strategic investment for businesses....

commission checks
Is your commission check wrong?

In the world of sales, it’s common to receive an incorrect commission check. Most times, it’s not done on purpose, but instead, a mistake occurred along the way. The challenge...

how to calculate commissions blog
How to calculate commission

A commission plan with accelerators, bonuses, and spiffs can motivate positive selling behaviors but only if you can see how close you are to reaching key milestones and thresholds. In...

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