negotiation tactics women in sales
5 negotiation tactics every woman in sales should know

In 2020, staffing firm Randstad US released a report that showed 60% of women never negotiated with an employer over pay. That’s a number far less than their male counterparts,...

sales commission reporting dark green background with white lettering
How to get the most of sales compensation reporting

Sales compensation reporting refers to tracking and analyzing sales compensation data.  Companies might manually create their compensation dashboards, enlist the help of compensation reporting tools like QuotaPath, or conduct it...

commission rates by role, orange background with four vertical images of people
Commission rates by role

People often ask us about commission rates. What should the commission rate be for a CS? What about an AE? How does this change with the compensation plan? Our goal...

average OTE of a sales rep, man sitting at desk with headphones on
What is the average OTE of a sales rep?

On-target earnings, commonly called OTE, represents the dollar amount a sales rep can expect to earn if they hit their sales quota. This figure helps commission-based sales reps gauge earning...

yellow background with sale team structure models for startups
What’s a recommended sales team structure for startups?

Setting up sales team structures at startups is tricky. “Going from (a sales team of) 1-100 is really hard,” according to David Baga, CRO of Lyft. “The struggle is constant...

RevOps interview questions, image of two women sitting across from each other talking at desk
15 questions RevOps should ask in sales interviews

What did LinkedIn rank as the most in-demand job of 2023? Head of RevOps.  Revenue operations (RevOps) is a rapidly growing field responsible for aligning sales, marketing, and customer success...

what is sales quota management? Blog hero image features woman working at desk plus image of quota attainment from QuotaPath commission tracking platform.
What is sales quota management?

Sales quota management refers to the process of setting, tracking, and achieving specific sales goals for certain periods of time. It is a critical part of sales management and can...

customer references and referral programs. two people headshots over green background
Sales, Uncategorized
RevOps best practices: How to get Customer References

Customer referrals are your most valuable asset when it comes to conversions and renewals. Did you know, for instance, that customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention...

sales jobs with highest commissions blog post featuring two coworkers looking at laptop
10 sales jobs with the highest commissions

The following blog explores the sales jobs with the highest commissions. One in eight jobs in the U.S. (nearly 13%) are full-time sales positions, but only 39% of salespeople plan...

Commission only sales job blog featuring man putting a headphone in with comp plan example grid featuring a 100% commissions plan
Would you work commission-only sales jobs?

Out of the 10 common commission structures we see, the commission-only sales job is one of the most polarizing. (Although, don’t get us started on compensation plans featuring cliffs or...

two people chatting at work
Role insights: Sales enablement manager salary and responsibilities

The demand for sales enablement is growing rapidly. According to Korn Ferry, the practice of sales enablement in sales organizations has practically doubled since 2017. So, it’s not surprising that...

OTE ratio image
Maximize your earnings: How to use commission calculators to boost your sales

The following blog includes free commission calculators to help you manage and track deals. Regardless of how attractive a compensation plan may be, it won’t motivate salespeople unless they understand...

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