revpartners guest blog quotapath
The psychology of compensation:  How to keep reps motivated

This is a guest post on how to keep reps motivated written by RevPartners, a management and consulting firm that designs and executes revenue engines to supercharge their customers’ growth...

Standard SaaS commission rate blue background
What is the standard software sales commission percentage?

This blog includes the most commonly used software sales commission percentage with multiple compensation plan templates to explore for your own use. The “Great Resignation,” a nickname for the millions...

MBO blogs, 5 ways to put MBOs into practice
MBO meaning in sales enablement

This blog unpacks the MBO meaning in sales and ties them to sales enablement. According to Celeverism, some of the more successful companies that implemented management by objectives (MBOs) goal...

Quota attainment calculation
What is considered a good quota attainment rate?

Sales quota attainment is a critical metric for any sales team. It measures how well a team is performing against its sales goals and offers a peek into the reality...

How to set good OKRs
What are sales objectives and key results (OKRs): And why are they important?

This is a guest blog from our friends at Dialpad on sales objectives and key results (OKRs). In sales, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with numbers and unattainable targets. Sales...

two women talking over work
Leadership, Sales
Why Sales? How to answer this classic interview question

No two sales interviews are exactly alike. In some, the focus may be on your experience and education. Other interviewers may be more concerned with seeing if your personality will...

what is a spif
How to set up a successful sales SPIF

There are various ways to motivate specific sales rep behaviors and drive performance. Although properly prepared sales compensation plans address most overarching business goals, there are times when short-term rewards...

weflow guest blog
How to build transparency in a sales team

This is a guest blog written by our friends at Weflow. When your sales team is struggling to hit performance metrics, one of the possible culprits is a lack of...

pay mix
Pay mix: what it is and how to calculate it

From learning how to cold call prospects to finding ways to shorten the sale cycle, sales reps have a lot on their plate. But there’s one concern that supersedes them...

sales QBR
Leadership, Sales
How to run a productive sales QBR

A sales QBR isn’t just another meeting. These crucial sit-downs are often the starting point for major quarterly gains. From addressing urgent issues to strategizing ways and driving revenue, a...

video conferencing
The dos and don’ts of video conferencing backgrounds for sales reps

The coronavirus pandemic transitioned many industries to remote work. As a result, the usage of video software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams skyrocketed. But even as companies have slowly returned...

divide sales territories
Leadership, Sales
The 4 best ways to divide sales territories

Running an effective sales division requires organization. Let your reps operate completely independently, and you’ve all but guaranteed chaos. Multiple reps pitching the same prospect, and high-potential clients being ignored...

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