how to create a strategic compensation plan - image of woman typing on computer
Guide to Strategic Compensation Planning

Strategic compensation planning refers to the deliberate and thoughtful process of designing and managing an organization’s compensation structure and policies in alignment with its overall business strategy and objectives.  This...

AI in Finance, image of man sitting at desk with dollar sign clip art left of him
AI in Finance: Beyond the Hype, Transforming the Future of Money

Artificial intelligence remains in. Adoption rates for companies using AI more than doubled from 2017 to 2022, according to McKinsey. Moreover, amongst individual users, 71% reported they had at least...

key business objectives in 2024 and aligning to compensation
How to Align This Year’s Most Popular Biz Objectives With Comp

We recently conducted a LinkedIn poll to get a pulse on the current business climate, asking leaders to identify their North Star metrics for 2024.  The results were resounding: revenue...

customer retention strategies - image of 8 people's headshots
Unpacking 5 of the Most Effective Customer Retention Strategies

As the dust settles and we reflect on the ups and downs of 2023, one thing remains crystal clear: effective customer retention strategies marked one of the hottest topics.  Following...

comp plan rollout image of group of folks sitting in a meeting
How to Rollout Your Comp Plan

The importance of a masterful compensation plan rollout cannot be understated. It’s essential to use clear and effective communication throughout the process so reps fully understand the comp plan design...

revops metrics, yellow background with graph icon and image of computer screen with a chart
RevOps Metrics to Track in 2024

RevOps is evolving as it rises in popularity, creating trends in 2023 like sales role changes, increased AI tool use, greater customer-centricity, and different organizational structures. For instance, our team...

ae comp plan examples with renewals
AE comp plan with a renewal focus

Account executives (AE) owning the renewal process is common practice in SaaS.  But not all SaaS companies follow suit. In this sector, particularly among mid-sized to large companies, account executives...

avoiding over complicating comp plans, man sitting at desk with arms behind his head
How to Resist Overcomplicating Your Comp Plans

A well-designed and executed sales compensation plan is essential to company success. It is intended to communicate expectations and motivate sales behaviors that drive business goal achievement. If the comp...

startup audit asc 606 compliance sales compensation, image of calculator atop paperwork
5 tips for a successful startup audit

Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002 to mitigate fraudulent financial reporting, requiring public companies to run audits with an independent auditor every year. But what about startups? Are they...

sales compensation committee
Who to include on your sales comp plan build committee

It’s that time of year: compensation plan design season. Many companies are finalizing the compensation proposals throughout November and December to prepare them for sales kickoffs during the first quarter....

sales kickoff SKO ebook guide
New Guide: Mastering the SKO

Will your next sales kickoff (SKO) be one of the 25% that earns an “A” grade? According to data from TaskDrive, a research analytics firm for B2B and marketing teams,...

sales commission automation - green background and woman smiling
Guide to sales commission automation

Sales commission automation is the seamless integration of software with your sales tech stack to pull data needed for automated commission tracking. It often draws data from your CRM and...

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