revops payout terms
When should you set your sales commission payment terms for?

Should you pay commissions once the deal closes or wait until the invoice is paid? According to our 2023 Sales Compensation Trends survey, 64% of companies pay out commissions upon...

sales compensation plans template
5 sales compensation plan examples to get you started

In this blog, QuotaPath‘s Chief of Staff and host of Sales Nerds Live! Graham Collins shares 5 sales compensation plan examples. Read on for a sales manager compensation plan sample,...

expected commissions expenses
How QuotaPath plays an integral role to operations

You’ve heard from us about how sales compensation software can help you save time, align your teams, and provide transparency.   But did you know that tools like QuotaPath can also...

revops best practices
How to start a RevOps team

In the last few years, RevOps careers exploded across the tech industry.  According to Clari, RevOps jobs increased by 300% in the last 18 months on LinkedIn.  This growth follows...

what is asc 606
What is ASC 606 – Revenue recognition compliance

If you run, manage or work in a business that offers goods and/or services to customers on a contractual basis, you’ve likely heard about ASC 606. But being familiar with...

sales QBR
Leadership, Sales
How to run a productive sales QBR

A sales QBR isn’t just another meeting. These crucial sit-downs are often the starting point for major quarterly gains. From addressing urgent issues to strategizing ways and driving revenue, a...

what does Ops mean?
What does Ops mean?

This blog answers “what does Ops mean?” and how this role translates across industries. Acronyms and abbreviations exist virtually everywhere, especially in the business world. These shortened versions of common...

katy stover compensation plans for startups
How I hired my first salesperson — A Startup Story

HigherPeople had a banner first year. The talent development startup sprinted past its annual targets in 2022, many thanks to the referrals and word of mouth from CEO and Co-Founder...

who owns comp planning?
Who owns compensation planning in 2023?

The question of who owns compensation planning has grown increasingly puzzling amid organizational restructuring. Should Finance, Sales, RevOps, HR, or a mix of all four own it? Turns out, this will...

building a compensation plan for a recession
Is your sales comp plan fit for a recession?

Whether you believe we are already in a recession or that one is approaching, the key barometer of economic health indicates that we’re headed for one in 2023.  As a...

revpartners guest blog bad comp plans
Is your sales compensation plan a bad one?

This is a guest post written by RevPartners, a management and consulting firm that designs and executes revenue engines to supercharge their customers’ growth with services such as HubSpot Onboarding,...

what is a sales engineer
What is a sales engineer? And what makes a good one?

This specialist sales job brings together business studies, tech knowledge, and customer service. The result is a dynamic profession in technical sales that’s as demanding as it is rewarding. Interested...

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