when to chance sales compensation mid year
When to change sales compensation plans mid-year

I’ve written about when (and how) to change sales compensation plans under the best circumstances. However, sales is an imperfect industry! Sometimes you need to make on the fly changes...

don't confuse environment for culture
Company, Leadership
Don’t confuse environment for culture

You walk in for your final round sales interview. The recruiter told you to dress ‘smart casual’ so you ditched the stuffy corporate outfit but you don’t quite hit Zuckerberg...

incorrect commission paychecks
Why sales commission paychecks are so wrong so frequently

You’ve had a solid quarter. You hit your sales quota, signed big-name clients, and consistently closed deals. Then you see your sales commission check and it’s inaccurate. Very, very inaccurate....

building a sales tech stack
6 things to consider when building your sales tech stack

I am a self-proclaimed SaaS tool aficionado. I could go on and on about email sequencing tools (Outreach, Salesloft, Groove, Apollo), call recording/coaching software (ExecVision Chorus, Gong), chat bots (Simpu,...

how to fire a salesperson
From sales hire to sales fire: 5 tips for firing a salesperson

This is a touchy subject and one that no one likes to talk about. Ideally, if you follow my advice on interviewing salespeople you won’t be in this predicament very...

sales candidate qualities
Top qualities to look for in sales candidates

It calls to question a core tenet of business, but there is a lot of research around whether interviews matter in predicting on-the-job performance. It sounds so bizarre, but companies...

NYE resolutions for sales leaders
5 New Year’s resolutions for sales leaders

Even though it’s possible to change or improve your habits at any time, having a new year seems like a perfect time to do so. It’s a brand new calendar,...

when to rollout a new sales compensation plan
When (and how) to roll out a new sales compensation plan

Changing a sales compensation plan can be a stressful and traumatic event for a sales team. With a new incentive plan comes the risk that you’ll be making less money...

should i cap my team's commission?
Should I cap my team’s commission?

Short answer: Almost always, no. Long answer: Capped commission is a very sensitive and complex subject within sales incentives. Let me first define what I mean by ‘capped commission’. Capped...

how to set bonus and commission rates for SDRs
How to set bonus and commission rates for SaaS SDRs

Now that we’ve set the quota for SDRs, it’s time to talk about how to set their bonus and commission rates. Before we dive in, let’s define some terms: Commission:...

how to set commission rates for saas sales reps
Leadership, Product and Tools, Sales
How to set commission rates for SaaS salespeople

Now that we’ve set the quota for a salesperson, it’s time to talk about how to set commission rates. In the past, our CEO AJ Bruno wrote about his favorite...

worst sales compensation plan
The worst sales compensation plan possible

We’re constantly thinking, talking, and writing about compensation plans (how to build one and which is our favorite for example)… In the ghastly spirit of Halloween, I wanted to write...

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