quota to ote tool
Leadership, Product and Tools, Sales
Introducing QuotaPath’s Quota:OTE Ratio Calculator

When calculating on-target earnings (OTEs), there’s often a bit of a guessing game. So, we developed a free tool to make it easier to set OTEs while removing the guesswork!...

10 tips to scale your sales team
10 tips to scale your sales team faster

A wonderful challenge shared by startup leaders is that moment of growth when product demand outweighs a sales team’s bandwidth. The demos pile on, and a lean team works diligently...

compensation planning best practices
7 compensation planning best practices to implement ASAP

Does the perfect compensation plan exist?  We’ve certainly found some great ones. However, we’ve also seen pretty painful ones.  For example, comp plans that cap commissions never end well.  “A...

mental health in sales
How sales leaders can prioritize mental health

Sales team members are among the “most stressed” workers in the corporate world, according to a 2021 survey. This results in a continuous strain on their mental health. Sales Health...

sales coaching
Leadership, Sales
How to excel at sales coaching

Sales coaching is a crucial element in driving revenue growth. By working with your sales staff, you give them the skills they need to close deals. Many think coaching expertise...

sales career path
Learn to lead: Our guide to the standard software sales career path

Some careers, like becoming a doctor or advancing to chief resident, are fairly predictable. There’s a route that must be followed to get from medical student to respected surgeon. But...

how to monitor sales performance
Leadership, Sales
How to monitor sales performance in a WFH world

Need a new way to incentivize your team? You can’t hand out rewards unless you know whether your team is actually succeeding. Learn how to monitor sales performance and you’ll...

marketing tactics to help sales
5 Marketing tactics your sales team needs to meet quota

This is a guest post from Cody Short, Community Specialist at Shipt. Interested in writing for us? Contact info@quotapath.com. The term “sales and marketing” are married to each other for...

sales performance software
Leadership, Product and Tools, Sales
How sales performance software can improve quota attainment

You’ve probably heard of sales performance software at some point in your career. You may even have colleagues who’ve mentioned their own installs have come in handy. But what does...

how to increase motivation on your sales team
Leadership, Sales
How to increase motivation on your sales team – 20 easy tips

Sales are lagging. The average sales cycle is so long that you’re breaking all the wrong kinds of records. And as for team morale, well, let’s just say it could...

sales employee evaluations
Leadership, Sales
Sales employee evaluations that encourage progress (and better performance)

Many businesses regard employee evaluations as standard practice, but some studies indicate that not all reviews are created the same. In fact, taking the wrong approach to employee feedback could...

graham's number
Leadership, Sales
Graham’s (other) number

There’s a number in mathematics called Graham’s Number that is one of those absurdly large numbers that is used for some proof that I’m woefully underqualified to begin understanding. This...

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