inside vs outside sales
Leadership, Sales
Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: a complete guide

As of 2017, 5.7 million professional salespeople were marketing either remotely or face-to-face in the United States. Of those, about 52.8% worked in outside sales. The remaining 42.7% were dedicated...

compensation plans tricks and treats
Leadership, Sales
The tricks and treats of compensation plans

Over the past 3 months, I’ve met with over 50 sales leaders helping them build, fix, or refresh their compensation plans. Some of these VPs of Sales need a complete...

CSO vs. CRO, two people
Leadership, Sales
Chief Sales Officer vs. Chief Revenue Officer, what’s the difference?

Chief Sales Officer and Chief Revenue Officer. They’re the two positions typically tasked with leading a sales organization. They take care of everything from helping to build a winning sales...

chief sales officer
Portrait of a good Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

When you’re ready to take your sales company to the next level, it’s time to bring in a Chief Sales Officer. These industry pros know buyer personas and basic funnels...

new sales manager best practices
Leadership, Sales
Things you should do as a new Sales Manager

This is a guest post from Lily Youn Jaroszewski, Director of Sales at TeleVet. Interested in writing for us? Contact info@quotapath.com. Going from being an individual contributor to a sales...

health and entrepreneurship
Company, Leadership
Health + Entrepreneurship: How I ended up in the ER because of stress and mental exhaustion

I woke up with hives all over my body. I tried to stand up but my legs gave out. I hit the floor. Something was very wrong. It felt like...

four charts spanning January through April
Leadership, Sales
Stop using “uncapped commission” in your sales job descriptions

There are a lot of red flags you should be aware of when looking for sales job postings. When I see a job description that says someone needs to be...

guide to startup sales commission structures
Guide to startup sales commission structures

Building a startup sales compensation plan that works for your company can be extremely tricky. Oftentimes, it takes multiple iterations to reach an appropriate startup sales commission structure. This blog...

sales compensation plan guides multiple rate bonus
Guide to sales compensation plans: About multiple rate bonuses

In our guide to sales compensation plans, we just covered single rate bonuses and why they are simple to follow but lack some flexibility. We’ve also written about both single...

confusing commission rates
Confusing commission rates – why you should avoid them

So you’re creating a new compensation plan for your sales team. It needs to accomplish the company’s financial objectives, motivate your reps, and pay a fair rate, all while being...

single rate bonuses guide
Guide to sales compensation plans: About single rate bonuses

If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know we’ve already covered two different types of variable compensation: single rate commission and multiple rate commission. Now we’re moving on...

preventing sales commission errors
How to prevent sales commissions inaccuracies

Here’s a scenario: It’s the start of the month and that means it’s time for sales commissions, which you’re in charge of calculating and paying. After you spend time to...

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