how to prepare your comp plan for finance
How to include Finance in sales comp planning

Sales representatives have the least confidence when Finance takes the lead on sales comp planning. Conversely, sales reps have the most confidence when Sales Leaders come up with the commission...

3 ae sample compensation plans
Why is sales compensation so hard?

This blog marks the first of four in a series highlighting the challenges and solutions around sales compensation planning and comp plan examples. Our contributors span the sales industry and...

5 takeaways from SaaStr 2022

SaaStr 2022 marked my third attendance at the SaaS community event, and, honestly, it was the best to date. I went out to San Mateo, CA, with seven QuotaPath team...

pricing transparency
A call for pricing transparency

QuotaPath CEO and Co-Founder AJ Bruno authored this blog on SaaS pricing transparency. Almost all the information we need today we can access at our fingertips. In SaaS, that means...

logo commissions blog
Logo commissions: what they are and how to comp them

Sales incentive compensation often features multiple avenues for reps to earn variable pay, such as bonuses on logo commissions or multi-tier commission structures like accelerators. We like to refer to...

retention-based commission plan template featuring three people
3 commission pay examples for Account Management & Customer Success

Account managers (AMs) and customer success managers (CSMs) have very different roles than account executives (AEs) and sales development reps (SDRs). As such, their sales compensation also varies. Below, we...

bluebird sales deal
What’s a bluebird sales deal, and how do I pay for it?

Your sales compensation plan is all set up, you have balanced a plan that is attainable yet challenging. It’s lucrative for the reps and profitable for the company. It has...

example compensation communication plan
Example compensation communication plan

The blog below includes 10 best practices and an example compensation communication plan to follow when deploying new plans and adjustments. It’s mid-year. The sales team has been hitting their...

how to design sales compensation plans
How to design sales compensation plans

QuotaPath’s Senior Director of RevOps Ryan Milligan originally published a version of “How to design sales compensation plans” with Pavilion.  A good compensation plan is like anything in business: If...

restructure sales orgs for a recession
Restructuring sales and comp plans for a recession — a message from our CEO

It’s been nearly three months since I last gave an update regarding the market downturn. Since then, some tech companies, QuotaPath included, have started to see rebounds. For other organizations,...

how to choose your commission structure
How to choose your sales commission structure

This article, which previously appeared on Close’s blog, covers sales commission structure design. Read on to learn various structures to consider, best practices, and three sales commission structures that QuotaPath’s...

sales compensation analyst
What is a sales compensation analyst: An interview with Rimi Dhillon

Financial Analyst Rimi Dhillon didn’t know the role of a sales compensation analyst existed. That is, until she had the opportunity to become one in 2014. Eight years have passed...

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