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how to measure sales performance
How to measure sales performance in 30, 60 and 90-days

The first 90 days of a sales rep’s tenure at a new company are likely the most important 90 days of their career at that company. Not only does it...

why do top sellers quit
Why Do Top Sellers Quit? Unfair Comp Plans and Mindless Busy Work

“Our people are our most important asset.” I hear that a lot. Company leaders talk tirelessly about the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. They tout efforts to create...

distributed sales teams
Distributed sales teams: Why aligning sales commissions is so important

Working remotely changes the dynamic of a sales team in so many different ways. Communication can no longer happen in person so tools in your tech stack like Zoom and...

sales incentives that work
Sales incentives that work (that aren’t cash)

It’s no secret that cash is king, especially when trying to motivate sales reps to close more business or SDRs to set more meetings. But after a while, cash loses...

when to chance sales compensation mid year
When to change sales compensation plans mid-year

I’ve written about when (and how) to change sales compensation plans under the best circumstances. However, sales is an imperfect industry! Sometimes you need to make on the fly changes...

covid compensation plans
Responding to COVID-19: How to change your sales compensation plan

During these unprecedented times, organizational sales leaders everywhere are asking, “How should I change my compensation plan if my company is impacted by COVID-19?” This pandemic has uniquely affected all...

budget line items in quotapath
Product and Tools
Eliminate a budget line item with QuotaPath

We picked a helluva month to release our premium functionality. April 2020 has been circled on my calendar for months. We’ve raised sufficient funds to be a product-led company and...

don't confuse environment for culture
Don’t confuse environment for culture

You walk in for your final round sales interview. The recruiter told you to dress ‘smart casual’ so you ditched the stuffy corporate outfit but you don’t quite hit Zuckerberg...

incorrect commission paychecks
Why sales commission paychecks are so wrong so frequently

You’ve had a solid quarter. You hit your sales quota, signed big-name clients, and consistently closed deals. Then you see your sales commission check and it’s inaccurate. Very, very inaccurate....

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