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march sdr competition
March SDR competition idea: SDR brackets!

It’s that time of year again! In a couple of weeks, your office is likely to be a flurry of college basketball, brackets, Cinderella stories, and buzzer-beaters. While this can...

sales training programs
6 Highly Rated Sales Training Programs for 2020

Good sales training programs can be a highly effective way to improve the performance of your sales teams. In fact, a study done by CSOInsights, the research division of Miller...

women in tech
Celebrating our women who tech

Sunday, March 8th marks International Women’s Day. The UN’s webpage for the day describes it as, “…a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate...

opportunity stages in salesforce
What opportunity stages to use in Salesforce®

If you’re using Salesforce® as your CRM, you know that they provide have some standard ‘opportunity stages’ out of the box. However, most sales organizations customize these stages based on...

building a sales tech stack
6 things to consider when building your sales tech stack

I am a self-proclaimed SaaS tool aficionado. I could go on and on about email sequencing tools (Outreach, Salesloft, Groove, Apollo), call recording/coaching software (ExecVision Chorus, Gong), chat bots (Simpu,...

melanie taube
Meet the team: Melanie Taube, Head of Creative Marketing

Tell me about your journey that lead you to QuotaPath? So many Paths! (no pun intended). I studied Design and Public Relations & Communication in college. I started my career...

how to fire a salesperson
From sales hire to sales fire: 5 tips for firing a salesperson

This is a touchy subject and one that no one likes to talk about. Ideally, if you follow my advice on interviewing salespeople you won’t be in this predicament very...

compensation horror stories
Sales compensation plans: Real-life horror stories

Raise your hand if you’ve ever encountered a bad situation with your compensation. If you work in sales, you probably have a story or two (or ten!). We asked the...

sales candidate qualities
Top qualities to look for in sales candidates

It calls to question a core tenet of business, but there is a lot of research around whether interviews matter in predicting on-the-job performance. It sounds so bizarre, but companies...

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