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single rate commission plans
Guide to sales compensation plans: About single rate sales commission

At QuotaPath we’re always educating salespeople and sales leaders about different sales commission structures and when to use them. This is the beginning of a series describing the different types...

how to prevent burnout in sales
How to prevent burnout in sales

This is a guest post from Jacob Walker, Business Development Manager at Rev.com. Interested in writing for us? Contact info@quotapath.com. Let’s talk about burnout. Everyone experiences it, but sales is...

comp plan modeling
Comp plan modeling: Reacting to COVID-19

Compensation plans are a huge part of your team’s motivation and what drives your business results. We spend hours analyzing and perfecting rules for bonuses and commissions that reward sales...

virtual high fives
Creativity in Crisis: Spreading joy with virtual high fives

Creativity is born out of constraint We had planned ambitious marketing and growth goals for QuotaPath in 2020. Less than three months in the world changed as a result of...

comp plan hacker
Release your inner Sales Nerd: Become a Comp Plan Hacker

The highest-paid sales reps aren’t always the most successful. Top performers have a firm understanding of comp plans and take savvy, smart steps to maximize returns. Call them comp plan...

how to measure sales performance
How to measure sales performance in 30, 60 and 90-days

The first 90 days of a sales rep’s tenure at a new company are likely the most important 90 days of their career at that company. Not only does it...

why do top sellers quit
Why Do Top Sellers Quit? Unfair Comp Plans and Mindless Busy Work

“Our people are our most important asset.” I hear that a lot. Company leaders talk tirelessly about the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. They tout efforts to create...

distributed sales teams
Distributed sales teams: Why aligning sales commissions is so important

Working remotely changes the dynamic of a sales team in so many different ways. Communication can no longer happen in person so tools in your tech stack like Zoom and...

sales incentives that work
Sales incentives that work (that aren’t cash)

It’s no secret that cash is king, especially when trying to motivate sales reps to close more business or SDRs to set more meetings. But after a while, cash loses...

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