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QuotaPath logo and Spiff and captivate IQ
Product and Tools
Spiff vs CaptivateIQ vs Xactly vs QuotaPath: A full comparison

After running sales commissions manually through spreadsheets, you’re ready to offload some work by recruiting the help of automation.  Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice.  While we respect the spreadsheet...

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Product and Tools
Inside QuotaPath’s free commission tracking app experience

What does calculating incentive pay look like without the help of a free commission tracking app? Manual commission tracking can be a cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone process that decreases sales team...

a collection of software tools used to automate revops and streamline revops
Product and Tools
Inside our RevOps tech stack

RevOps is growing fast. Really fast. Since 2020, the number of RevOps tools and platforms has doubled, growing from about 500 solutions to over 1,000 in 2023, according to The...

in sales, women report earning 23% less in commission and salary than men. from negotiation tips blog
Sales executive compensation negotiation tips from 3 women leaders

This blog features executive compensation negotiation best practices from three women sales leaders from the professional sales community, Women in Sales, with which QuotaPath is a proud partner. The gender...

best practices for sales incentive planning
How to create a sales incentive program

A sales incentive program should motivate sales reps to meet or exceed their sales goals with cash and non-cash incentive rewards. This method gives salespeople rewards and recognition in addition...

guide to creating BDR compensation plans
How to create a business development incentive structure

Your business development team might be the most entry-level folks on your team.  Yet, they set the first impressions of your organization to prospects while tasked with building out your...

Account scoring blog - give your reps a map to where to spend their time
Let’s talk about account scoring models

How many of you have worked for a sales organization without an account scoring model in place? It’s a challenge, right? Your reps chase deals according to their intuition versus...

revops charlie
How Revenue Operations gets a seat at the strategy table

This is a guest post by RevOpsCharlie. Charlie Cowan partners with CEOs and revenue leaders to accelerate profitable and scalable growth by aligning Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.   Revenue Operations...

motivate outbound sales behavior pink background
7 ways to motivate outbound sales using compensation

Despite the noise on LinkedIn that “outbound sales” is dead, the practice remains very well alive in 2023. In fact, according to a HubSpot study, 82% of buyers said they...

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