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sales compensation committee
Who to include on your sales comp plan build committee

It’s that time of year: compensation plan design season. Many companies are finalizing the compensation proposals throughout November and December to prepare them for sales kickoffs during the first quarter....

sales kickoff SKO ebook guide
New Guide: Mastering the SKO

Will your next sales kickoff (SKO) be one of the 25% that earns an “A” grade? According to data from TaskDrive, a research analytics firm for B2B and marketing teams,...

two women working for blog about freelance sales reps
When to hire a freelance sales rep (and how to pay them)

Ready to scale your business but don’t have the cash to pay a full-time sales rep? A freelance sales rep may fit the bill.  A freelance sales rep is a...

RevOps tools, green background with text "15+ essential revOps tools"
Product and Tools
RevOps tools these leaders can’t live without

Revenue Operations (RevOps) as a role has grown in popularity. In fact, by the end of 2022, 48% of companies had adopted this role, marking an increase of 15% year-over-year,...

sales commission automation - green background and woman smiling
Guide to sales commission automation

Sales commission automation is the seamless integration of software with your sales tech stack to pull data needed for automated commission tracking. It often draws data from your CRM and...

HubSpot vs Salesforce logos in image
Product and Tools
The Great Switch: HubSpot vs Salesforce

According to Ascendix, 150,000 companies used Salesforce as their customer relationship management (CRM) system in 2023. Meanwhile, 113,000 companies used HubSpot, per Backlinko.  However, these numbers remain in constant flux...

man on fun looking at computer for blog about quota relief
Quota relief for sales leaders, reps, and new hires

As active members in the RevOps and Sales professional communities Pavilion, RevOps Co-op, and Women in Sales, we always listen to the questions and conversations concerning quota and compensation strategy. ...

Man on phone checking his commission accuracy using QuotaPath
How to increase commission accuracy

The process of commission accuracy involves several vital steps to ensure that sales representatives are compensated fairly and accurately for their efforts, including clean data, clear commission structures, and regular...

buld and test comp plans with draft plans tool
Product and Tools
Build and test comp plans with Draft Plans and Plan Details tools

As you begin drafting next year’s sales compensation plans, wouldn’t it be nice to quickly understand the potential commission earnings and team quota attainment with existing deal data? In QuotaPath,...

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