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how to set up commissions purple background
How to set up sales commissions in your organization

Whether you’re a startup looking to hire your first official salesperson or a seasoned commission-based business reconsidering your current commission structure, how to set up sales commissions aligned with your...

CRM sales data quality setsail
8 Questions to diagnose a sales data quality issue

This is a guest blog on sales data quality written by Lee Moskowitz, Director of Growth Marketing at SetSail. Your sales data is the foundation for future growth.  You use...

commission tracking optimization
Product and Tools
Optimize commission tracking by working more efficiently

At QuotaPath, we believe that automated sales compensation management should be efficient and drive toward your financial goals. You should be able to quickly see value and have a holistic...

revpartners guest blog quotapath
The psychology of compensation:  How to keep reps motivated

This is a guest post on how to keep reps motivated written by RevPartners, a management and consulting firm that designs and executes revenue engines to supercharge their customers’ growth...

Standard SaaS commission rate blue background
What is the standard software sales commission percentage?

This blog includes the most commonly used software sales commission percentage with multiple compensation plan templates to explore for your own use. The “Great Resignation,” a nickname for the millions...

MBO blogs, 5 ways to put MBOs into practice
MBO meaning in sales enablement

This blog unpacks the MBO meaning in sales and ties them to sales enablement. According to Celeverism, some of the more successful companies that implemented management by objectives (MBOs) goal...

SDR commission agreement template
Download a SDR compensation policy template

We’ve shared downloadable AE compensation policy templates as well as a generic sales commission agreement. Next up: we have an SDR compensation policy template.  Download the SDR comp policy template...

is sales commission a period cost blog
Is sales commission a period cost?

This is a guest blog from our friends at Sage that answers if sales commission is a period cost. Is sales commission a period cost and, if so, what kind...

Quota attainment calculation
What is considered a good quota attainment rate?

Sales quota attainment is a critical metric for any sales team. It measures how well a team is performing against its sales goals and offers a peek into the reality...

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