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HubSpot commission tracking with quotapath
Product and Tools
The most installed commission app on HubSpot Marketplace

After heavily investing in our native HubSpot integration, we are honored and proud that QuotaPath is a leading commission software app on HubSpot Marketplace. QuotaPath has seamlessly automated sales commissions...

How to set good OKRs
What are sales objectives and key results (OKRs): And why are they important?

This is a guest blog from our friends at Dialpad on sales objectives and key results (OKRs). In sales, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with numbers and unattainable targets. Sales...

two women talking over work
Why Sales? How to answer this classic interview question

No two sales interviews are exactly alike. In some, the focus may be on your experience and education. Other interviewers may be more concerned with seeing if your personality will...

what is a spif
How to set up a successful sales SPIF

More than 40% of reps aren’t motivated by their comp plans. An easy fix? Consider SPIFs. There are various ways to motivate specific sales rep behaviors and drive performance. Although...

Scaling your revops team
How to successfully grow your RevOps practice

Revenue operations, commonly known as RevOps, is more important in today’s market than ever before.  As buyers have shifted buying behaviors to conduct their own research and trial a product...

sales manager compensation plan examples
Sales manager compensation plans

In a previous blog, our Chief of Staff Graham Collins shared 5 sales compensation plan examples. This article included a sales manager compensation plan sample featuring a single commission rate...

paternity leave compensation
Paid Parental leave: How to adjust your sales comp plans for expecting parents

This blog on paid parental leave explores how to adjust sales compensation plans and keep pipelines warm to better accommodate new parents in sales. The lowest salaries at a company...

commission rates by industry
Sales compensation in 2023: Commission rates by industry & more

This blog, written by Cody Short, details commission rates by industry, setting commission structures, and more.  All companies need a thriving sales team. Sales helps a company increase its profitability...

weflow guest blog
How to build transparency in a sales team

This is a guest blog written by our friends at Weflow. When your sales team is struggling to hit performance metrics, one of the possible culprits is a lack of...

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