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quotapath $41M series b
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With $41M Series B, QuotaPath sets off to fix entire sales compensation process

A message from CEO and Co-Founder AJ Bruno regarding the QuotaPath Series B announcement. Today, we’re excited to announce our $41 million Series B, led by Tribe Capital!  Before we...

team attainment leaderboards in quotapath
Product and Tools
Team Attainment Leaderboards give sales leaders new motivation tool

To our sales leadership out there, do we have a tool for you! This week, QuotaPath released our latest upgrade to our real-time leaderboards, Team Attainment Leaderboards. Take that in....

product evolution quotapath
Company, Product and Tools
More integrations, collaboration guide product evolution

Like the scaling sales organizations we support, we too have grown.  In fact, last year we grew our feature-set capabilities by 100 percent! “In 2021, we listened to our users...

deal flagging feature in quotapath
Product and Tools
QuotaPath Deal Flagging enables reps to call out pay discrepancies

Ready, set, raise your flags! QuotaPath Deal Flagging is live. With QuotaPath Deal Flagging, we have increased communication and collaboration within the app. Now, when a sales rep spots an...

plan verification feature in quotapath
Product and Tools
New in QuotaPath: Plan Verification

QuotaPath Plan Verification is live!  First, what’s Plan Verification? Remember at the start of last year when you led your team through the new sales compensation plans? You addressed their...

quotapath product commission calculator
Product and Tools
Inside QuotaPath’s commission calculator with Director of Product

Hello, and welcome! You’re here because you want a commission calculator, right? Perhaps you read through “Calculating commissions in Excel? Start here” and decided there’s an easier way. Great news!...

g2 winter leader quotapath
Product and Tools
QuotaPath’s commission tracking software named most implementable

G2, the business software and solution review platform, recently released its annual Winter Report. Once again, QuotaPath’s commission tracking software earned key honors, including the highest implementation score amongst our...

quota to ote tool
Leadership, Product and Tools, Sales
Introducing QuotaPath’s Quota:OTE Ratio Calculator

When calculating on-target earnings (OTEs), there’s often a bit of a guessing game. So, we developed a free tool to make it easier to set OTEs while removing the guesswork!...

saasoptics and quotapath integration
Product and Tools
New Maxio and QuotaPath integration automates commissions and expense recognition

Look out, world! There’s a new Maxio and QuotaPath integration in town. We’re thrilled to partner with the industry-lauded financial operations platform.  “Maxio’s partnership with QuotaPath will completely change the...

quotapath and hubspot cards announcement
Product and Tools
View QuotaPath earnings without leaving your HubSpot CRM

Some would say things are getting pretty serious between QuotaPath and HubSpot. After our first integration with HubSpot’s CRM in January 2021 and a HubSpot Ventures investment three months later,...

comp plans quotapath supports
Product and Tools
What comp plans does QuotaPath support?

Hint: All of them. QuotaPath’s Comp Plan Builder tool supports all comp plans. Want to build a comp plan from scratch or borrow some of our most commonly used templates?...

saastr and quotapath
Company, Product and Tools
SaaStr 2021 recap: QuotaPath buzzes loudly

Our QuotaPath team has safely returned from California and is eager to share their wins. Here, we recap SaaStr 2021. “I didn’t have any expectations going in, but it was...

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