Yes, the BANT sales process still works!

If sales reps pursued every possible opportunity, they’d be exerting an awful lot of effort for very paltry results. Qualifying opportunities enables reps to prioritize efforts according to how likely...

sales operations manager
Leadership, Sales
Sales Operations Manager 101

What is a Sales Operations Manager, really? Everyone seems to have a title in the sales industry, but the job description doesn’t always match. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a Sales...

virtual sales kickoff
Leadership, Sales
Running a virtual sales kickoff (SKO)

How can you ensure your reps feel connected, motivated and ready to attack a new offer or sales cycle? It’s all about a great sales kickoff. This annual summit is...

inside vs outside sales
Leadership, Sales
Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: a complete guide

As of 2017, 5.7 million professional salespeople were marketing either remotely or face-to-face in the United States. Of those, about 52.8% worked in outside sales. The remaining 42.7% were dedicated...

compensation plans tricks and treats
Leadership, Sales
The tricks and treats of compensation plans

Over the past 3 months, I’ve met with over 50 sales leaders helping them build, fix, or refresh their compensation plans. Some of these VPs of Sales need a complete...

sales podcasts
Sales podcasts we’re listening to in 2020

You can’t read a book while you drive to a client meeting. It’s just as hard to sit and stare at YouTube when you have 80 other things on your...

CSO vs. CRO, two people
Leadership, Sales
Chief Sales Officer vs. Chief Revenue Officer, what’s the difference?

Chief Sales Officer and Chief Revenue Officer. They’re the two positions typically tasked with leading a sales organization. They take care of everything from helping to build a winning sales...

sales commission draws
Sales commission draw explained

In 2017, more than half of sales reps missed their quotas. A career in sales is the opposite of stability. Commission-based compensation is exciting when things are going well. When you’re new...

incentive compensation
What is incentive compensation?

Learning how to motivate your sales team is one of the most important things you can learn as a leader. Some employees respond to gentle encouragement, while others need more...

Quick tips: What does MBO stand for?

“Success” is a big word, but it’s also a vague one. It’s hard to figure out whether your sales team is meeting goals if you don’t have a way to...


If you have mutton chops, chances are you’re great at sales, because hey, you’re selling your face all day. There are many different types of mutton chops styles and they...

how to become a sales manager
Moving up: how to become a Sales Manager

There are a lot of ways to “make it” in sales. Some love to be totally hands on, sticking with customer-facing positions that include tons of daily interaction with a...

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