Sales Cold Calls

13 cold calling tips from sales experts

September, 2020 • 7 mins

At QuotaPath, we firmly believe that the cold call is alive and well.

There's always room for growth being a manager

Things you should do as a new Sales Manager

September, 2020 • 4 mins

This is a guest post from Lily Youn Jaroszewski, Director of Sales at TeleVet.

Uncapped Commissions doesn't always mean what you think it means

Stop using “uncapped commission” in your sales job descriptions

August, 2020 • 3 mins

There are a lot of red flags you should be aware of when looking for sales job postings.

Sales commission software

6 reasons you should be using sales commission software

August, 2020 • 6 mins

Since we launched QuotaPath in August of 2019, I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people don’t use sales commission software.

Cold call voicemails

How to leave a cold call voicemail

August, 2020 • 5 mins

One of the great debates in cold calling methodology is the voicemail; to leave or not to leave?

List of the best sales movies of all time

The best sales movies to watch in 2020

July, 2020 • 5 mins

Are you working from home due to COVID-19 like a lot of salespeople?

Up & running in days, not weeks

Use QuotaPath to automate earnings and quota attainment calculations. Integrate your CRM and take the manual work out of tracking commissions.

Recording calls is one thing, but in order to make the most of them you have to listen.

6 tips for using recorded sales calls for sales coaching

July, 2020 • 7 mins

You invested your company’s money into a call recording software.

record your sales calls

The benefits to recording sales calls

July, 2020 • 3 mins

My first day on the job at my first sales job, right next to my laptop and branded coffee mug, I found a handheld voice recorder.

Milestone Bonuses

Guide to sales compensation plans: About milestone bonuses

June, 2020 • 3 mins

In our final installment in our sales compensation plan guide, we’re going to be covering milestone bonuses.

Measuring Sales Performance

How to measure sales performance in 30, 60 and 90-days

April, 2020 • 4 mins

The first 90 days of a sales rep’s tenure at a new company are likely the most important 90 days of their career at that company.

Sales incentives that work

Sales incentives that work (that aren’t cash)

April, 2020 • 3 mins

It’s no secret that cash is king, especially when trying to motivate sales reps to close more business or SDRs to set more meetings.

How to change your sales compensation plan

Responding to COVID-19: How to change your sales compensation plan

April, 2020 • 5 mins

During these unprecedented times, organizational sales leaders everywhere are asking, “How should I change my compensation plan if my company is impacted by COVID-19?” This pandemic has uniquely affected all companies and industries and for some, sales numbers have (and may continue to) slow down.

March SDR demo brackets

March SDR competition idea: SDR brackets!

March, 2020 • 3 mins

It’s that time of year again!

Sales Training Programs

6 Highly Rated Sales Training Programs for 2020

March, 2020 • 5 mins

Good sales training programs can be a highly effective way to improve the performance of your sales teams.

What CRM Stages to use

What opportunity stages to use in Salesforce®

March, 2020 • 4 mins

If you’re using Salesforce® as your CRM, you know that they provide have some standard ‘opportunity stages’ out of the box.

Sales compensation plan horror stories

Sales compensation plans: Real-life horror stories

February, 2020 • 4 mins

Raise your hand if you’ve ever encountered a bad situation with your compensation.

Five New Years Resolutions for Sales Reps

5 New Year’s resolutions for sales reps

December, 2019 • 4 mins

“How can I sell more this year?” A question that most sales reps ask themselves at the beginning of every year.

Best gift for sales people

10 meaningful gift ideas for the salesperson in your life

November, 2019 • 3 mins

The holiday season is approaching which means it’s time to show the important sales reps in your life how much they mean to you.

How to not stall deals

How to prevent your deals from stalling over the holidays

November, 2019 • 5 mins

According to several sources, Q4 is when more SaaS deals are closed than any other quarter.


What you need to know about a company before accepting a sales job

November, 2019 • 5 mins

Interviewing for a job at a new company may make you feel like you’re under a magnifying glass.

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